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Another Jeep Gladiator Rubicon was Stolen ... | How To Prevent Our Defenseless Jeep Babies From Being Stolen?

by Lasfit Official June 22, 2022

Another Jeep Gladiator Rubicon was Stolen ... | How To Prevent Our Defenseless Jeep Babies From Being Stolen?

(Note: The above picture is not the actual footage of the incident.)

News Hotspot Review

On June 16, an outrageous Jeep theft occurred in the Greater Toronto Area. A Jeep Gladiator Rubicon was stolen in less than 4 minutes!! Two thieves walk up like they owned it, reached under the engine area, opened the hood, jump in it, and drove away. The stolen Jeep owner posted a detailed account of the incident on jeepgladiatorforum.com, which sparked a heated debate.
STOLEN from my driveway this morning! New Jeeps are crazy easy to steal apparently...

"Please take precautions to protect your Jeep Gladiators, Wranglers, and other Jeep products as they are all susceptible to new theft measures. Add a separate hood horn or other deterrent devices along with video security. Wish I had a garage big enough to park mine."

After this incident, the owner strongly appeals to all Jeep owners to "Be safe, protect yourselves and your very defenseless Jeep babies!"

Jeep Gladiator Rubicon stolen

(The stolen Rubicon is above---from jeepgladiatorforum.com)

Everyone deeply regretted what happened to the Jeep owner and started a heated discussion on the topic of "how to avoid the Jeeps being stolen". Click here for more details >>> 

Statistics + Cases: Auto Theft

"Auto theft" has always been a commonplace issue. Even though the overall car theft rate in the United States has been declining in recent years, news and cases of jeep theft still appear from time to time. Here are some FBI statistics on auto theft and Internet news cases:


● 810,400 vehicles were stolen in 2020, up 11.8% from 2019, when 724,872 vehicles were stolen. (FBI)
● Motor vehicle theft amounted to $7.4 billion in losses in 2020 alone. (FBI)
● The average dollar loss per 2020 vehicle theft equaled $9,166. (FBI)
● The COVID-19 pandemic, corresponding economic downturn, public safety resource limitations and a decrease in programs for juvenile outreach may have accounted for this 2020 increase in motor vehicle theft. (National Insurance Crime Bureau – NCIB)
● New Year's Day is the holiday with the most vehicle thefts. (NCIB)
● Motor vehicle theft is the third most common property crime in the United States. (S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics)
● 86% of motor vehicle thefts were reported to the police in 2020, which made motor vehicle theft the most reported type of property crime that year. (U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics)
● In 2019, only 17.2% of property crimes (of which auto theft is one) were “cleared,” which means a suspect was charged with the crime. (Pew Research)

Motor Vehicle Theft Year-over-Year (FBI)

(The picture is from bankrate.com.)2020 hottest spots for auto thefts by theft rate

(The picture is from ktvq.com.)

*The FBI includes the theft or attempted theft of automobiles, trucks, buses, motorcycles, scooters, snowmobiles and other vehicles in its definition of motor vehicle theft.

*The above data statistics come from the summary of bankrate.com, click here to know more about the detailed data table.


On March 7, 2020, about $2000 worth of valuables was stolen away by a thief, including the owner's wallet, ID, laptop, and more, even the Wrangler's windows were broken and the leather seats also were scratched. Jeep broken into and valuables stolen>>>

Jeep broken into and valuables stolen2

(The picture is from jlwranglerforums.com.)

Frank's family had three Jeeps until last week when someone stole a blue customized Rubicon model belonging to his son. It happened between 3-4 a.m. Thursday morning. The Jeep was parked in the driveway of their Trinity home.

But the Mirabiles aren't the only ones who lost a Jeep that night. Report from Downtown Lakeland armed guard shows need for security Investigators say thieves stole three Jeeps from two different Trinity sub-divisions. Surveillance video shows one of them following another car out of the neighborhood. Three Jeeps stolen in minutes from Pasco County neighborhood>>>

Three Jeeps stolen in minutes from Pasco County neighborhood

(The above photos are from abcactionnews.com.)

 Thieves stole 5 new Jeeps from a Greenwich lot. Police say CT towns are 'plagued with high-end auto thefts.'>>>

4 men from Caledon charged after Jeeps stolen from residents' driveways>>>

............and so on............

There are many such news and cases, it can be seen that Jeep theft is a problem that cannot be ignored if you do not want your property to be damaged. So in the face of such rampant thieves and defenseless Jeep babies, we can only be indifferent?

I think, we have to do something to prevent all of this from happening, even if it doesn't stop all thefts 100%, it can reduce the chances of thefts statistically significantly.

How to Prevent Your Jeep From Being Stolen?

We have to know that not everyone has a garage, implement all the safety measures possible to make your vehicle a harder target than the next one. Once they realize a higher level of security, most burglars turn to softer targets. Of course, if the thief really wants your vehicle...you can't stop him in the end.

Here are some simple tips to reduce the chances of your car being stolen:

● Lock your vehicle: An unlocked vehicle with a key in the ignition is an open invitation to any thief, regardless of any anti-theft device you may use. The common-sense approach to protection is the simplest and most cost-effective way to avoid would-be thieves. The bottom line: Start by locking your vehicle's doors.
● Turn off the ignition when not operating the vehicle: Never leave your engine running and vehicle unlocked while you run into your home, a convenience store, or anywhere else. You should always secure your vehicle, even if you're parking for“just a minute.”
● Close your windows: Leaving your windows open is just as inviting as leaving your car doors open. While it may be “just a crack", it still leaves a valuable gap where a thief could come into your Jeep uninvited.
● Install a car alarm system: If you are using an audible alarm, you are going to have a vehicle that emits a loud noise – usually tied to the horn – if someone is trying to steal your vehicle with the alarm on. That noise is going to deter many thieves and help keep your property safe.
● Install a GPS tracking system: If your car is stolen, a GPS device can help you track your vehicle for easy recovery by law enforcement.
● Keep valuables out of sight: Don't leave valuables inside your Jeep vehicle. If you leave a cell phone, anything valuable, things like purses or bags – these are triggers for thieves. They are going to be more attracted to breaking into your vehicle if they see something like that hanging around. It is especially necessary to store keys in a secure area away from your vehicle.
● Park your vehicle in safe areas: If you can park it on the main street that is well lit, that would be a much better option. Parking your Jeep somewhere safe is one of the best tactics to keep it out of harm's way.
● Use a physical anti-theft device:
-Steering wheel locks: Easy to use and store, steering wheel locks can prevent the wheel from moving when the vehicle is not in use.
-Tire and rim locks: You can affix an anti-theft tire or wheel lock on to prevent movement when you are away.
-Hood locks: These prevent the hood from opening so thieves cannot gain access to your engine or other parts.

How to improve jeep security is not only a common concern for all Jeep owners, but Lasfit also hopes to offer some help. It is a common finding that many Jeep owners are looking for some advice to the theft problem, but always can't get the perfect solutions, especially on the jeep hood lock, such as "incompatible with Front Trail Cam", "grille trimming and carrying extra keys are required" and so on.

Therefore, after in-depth market research and long-term careful development, Lasfit's product R&D department has launched a brand-new hood lock for all Jeep owners who are thinking about the Jeep's security. Our goal is to increase the deterrent against thieves, reduce the chance of jeeps being stolen, and keep the investments under the hood safer! We just want to solve your problem and meet your needs, and we will definitely continue to make improvements!


About Lasfit Stealth Anti-Theft Automatic Hood Lock

The Lasfit stealth automatic anti-theft hood lock is installed in the place of the safety hook. When locked, the hood lock will not pop out even if the locks on both sides are open. Also, fingers cannot reach in and flick the safety catch for locking. The Hood Lock deters thieves from walking away with valuable underhood parts such as batteries, intakes, superchargers, etc.

 Lasfit Stealth Anti-Theft Automatic Hood Lock for 18-22 Jeep Wrangler JL and Gladiator JT

Lasfit Stealth Anti-Theft Automatic Hood Lock for 18-22 Jeep Wrangler JL and Gladiator JT

● With the unique CAN-BUS lock control design, keeps your Jeep under-hood investments safer.
● Use factory Key FOB to lock and unlock the hood lock (CAN-BUS control). No additional keys are required.
● Special stealth design doesn't affect the front camera. Maintain the appearance of the original car.
● Backup 12V Emergency power cable for accessing under your hood should your battery fail.

"Can't prevent it all...but you can statistically reduce your chances greatly. Good lighting, locked doors, garaged vehicles, good alarm, good video system, placards stating said facts on video and alarms. Even an alert dog. Goes a long way. Removing any one or all of those elevates your chances significantly."-------From Zach

"You have to think of security as a system built on several components. None foolproof, but together make a dam good package and deterrent."-------From joeym7




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June 24, 2022

Really in-depth sharing! Thank you Lasfit!

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