Review: 7440 7443 LED Bulbs Test On 2005 Mazda MX-5 Maita Turn Signals

by Lasfit Official May 16, 2022

Review: 7440 7443 LED Bulbs Test On 2005 Mazda MX-5 Maita Turn Signals

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Purchase Item: 
7443 LED CANBUS Front Turn Signals Light
7440 LED CANBUS Rear Turn Signal Light
7443 LED CANBUS Tail/ Brake Light

Features and Specs:
No hyper flash
Error free use
Safe to use becasue they are built in ITC system

Vehicle's Information: 2005 Mazda MX-5 Maita

Fits: Front Turn Signal/ Rear Turn Signal/ Tail/ Brake

Installation time: 10-20 mins


Reason Why I Switch to LEDs:

Given the current trend in automotive technology, halogen bulbs are quickly becoming a thing of the past. With roads getting more crowded and drivers being distracted, LED bulbs are best for gaining the attention of other drivers for awareness and visibility.


Product Impression:

My first impression with LasFit LED bulbs was when I purchased a Low-beam LED headlight kit for a friend. I was impressed both with the ease of install and the difference between the stock halogen bulb and the LasFit LED bulb at night. It was a night and day difference. The vehicle it was installed with had a projector beam headlight and it was very crisp and clean and there was no longer a need to use the factory high-beam bulbs since they were much dimmer than the LED low-beams. I've owned close to 30 vehicles since I have been driving and I have purchased and used other LED products before but none of them come remotely close to the quality of LasFit LED products.

The first would be the ease of install across the various vehicle platforms I've come into contact with. The second would be the overall fit and finish of the manufacturing of the bulbs. Lastly, would be the brightness and reliability of the bulbs.


LED Lights Overview:

Safety use: The MINI fuses was built into the bulbs to protect your cars against the instantaneous high current.

Brightness: Each bulbs are used 24-32pcs 3030 SMD LED chips, it can reach to 15-28 watts and 700-2600 lumens per bulb.

All-in-one deisgn: The CANBUS system, MINI fuse, LED chips, and plug sockect are all in one bulb, so the installation will be less than 10 minutes.


Real World Test:



Personal Thoughts:

LasFit LED's are the answer to the old halogen bulb technology. I have been thoroughly impressed with the brightness and visibility of LED's compared to older halogen bulbs.

Thanks again for Stephen to provide the most honest thoughts and reveiw.


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