Review: 4257 LED Bulbs Test On 2022 Ford Maverick Turn Signals

by Lasfit Official May 23, 2022

Review: 4257 LED Bulbs Test On 2022 Ford Maverick Turn Signals

*This content was originally created by Aaron. All the photos are authorized by Aaron, as well. Thank you for sharing such great content with us!



Purchase Item: 4257 LED CANBUS Turn Signals

Features and Specs:
Amber light
<10 minutes install
Anti hyper flash, error free use

Vehicle's Information: 2022 Ford Maverick

Fits: Front Turn Signal Light

Installation time: <5 mins


Reason Why I Switch to LEDs:

I like the brightness and visibility of lasfit compared to halogen. With built-in heat resistance, switchback ability and no hyperflash it was exactly what I was looking for to make my lights brighter/ more visible. When you've been hit when parked or at a red light visibility is important in trying to prevent someone else from running into you.


Product Impression:

Package: Nice secure packaging with enough protection to keep them safe during travel without becoming cumbersome or hard to get open.

Canbus: When I got my vehicle, leds without canbus or switchback had been installed by previous owner. Not only did this mean the turn signal wasn't the factory amber color but it also meant hyperflash on the dashboard.

Brightness: Lasfit leds fixed these issues while also being brighter than the previous companies leds!


LED Lights Overview:

Safety use: The MINI fuses was built into the bulbs to protect your cars against the instantaneous high current.

Brightness: Each bulbs are used 32pcs 3030 SMD LED chips, it can reach to 24 watts and 1600 lumens per bulb.

All-in-one deisgn: The CANBUS system, MINI fuse, LED chips, and plug sockect are all in one bulb, so the installation will be less than 10 minutes.


Real World Test:



Personal Thoughts:

The Lasfit have been everything I hoped for and are super bright! I did some research to make sure the bulbs I got fixed the dashboard hypeerflash and lasfit was my choice for my new truck! I plan on switching out my other halogens on my vehicle in near future.

Thanks again for Aaron to provide the most honest thoughts and reveiw.


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