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12 Halloween Driving Safety Tips | Safe And Spooky Night👻!

by Lasfit Official October 19, 2022

12 Halloween Driving Safety Tips | Safe And Spooky Night👻!

As the supermarkets fill up with candy🍬, pumpkins🎃, and costumes🎭, the nights are getting longer and Halloween will soon be upon us. - but it's not just the skeletons and witches that can prove scary.💀


⚠️Halloween driving safety tips | For drivers.

For drivers and pedestrians, venturing out on the road on Halloween night can be more dangerous than you think, a spooky night filled with darkness, increased pedestrian traffic, and all kinds of distractions. Statistics show that Halloween car crashes are twice as likely to involve cars and pedestrians as any other day of the year. Sadly, Halloween is the day of the year when children are most likely to be killed or seriously injured by a car.

Whether you're trick-or-treating on foot or driving from one haunted place to another, we've got some Halloween driving safety tips to help you make your nights safe and spooky.

halloween driving safety tips for drivers

👉Be brighter on spooky nights.

1. Use your headlights and turn them on.

October nights can be dark and foggy, the street lights aren't always what we expected, and if you're driving through residential areas, you're likely to come across lots of little ghouls dressed in dark costumes excitedly out trick-or-treating, they're often going house to house in search of sweets, zipping back and forth across the street, and hard to be noticed on Halloween nights. So always make sure you're using your headlights so pedestrians can notice your car, and you can also see the little kids ahead to avoid a car accident.

Lasfit LD plus series is specially designed with a switchbacks function. 6000K white light increased visual field and distance visibility in dark weather. 3000K yellow light could increase overall visibility and road illumination in harsh weather with strong penetrating to prevent accidents at spooky night.

lasfit led headlights for halloween

2. Take extra care when parking and reversing.

You need to keep an eye out for little ones in dark clothing and be especially careful at intersections and busy roads where children may be hiding behind parked cars. This is a good time to make sure your turn signal lights and reverse lights are working properly.

Turn signals are your way of communicating with other drivers on the road. You can use them to signal your intention to change direction, change lanes, and sometimes want to overtake. Therefore, it is absolutely important that your turn signals are in good working order, as they play an important role in preventing accidents. In the same manner, as hazard lights, the backup light is also tailored to be a signal for other vehicles, helping in averting major mishaps or accidents. So please remember to use your turn signals and turn on your hazard lights when parking.

lasfit turn signals for halloween

Lasfit T series is a new version of the bulb with a CANBUS support system that prevents 95% of hyper flash and error warnings, no need to add extra resistors or parts anymore. They are designed to directly replace the factory halogen lamp. Lasfit is the first brand on the market to release a built-in CANBUS LED turn signal light, which offers two types of color, one is bright amber & regular amber mode and the other is bright amber & regular white. We believe these bulbs will give you an extraordinary driving experience, especially on Halloween night!

turn signals

3. Add extra off-road lighting to guide you off the beaten track on spooky nights.

Lions, tigers, and bears, oh my! Plus, ghosts, witches, goblins, princesses, and cowboys. Truck drivers need to be more vigilant and pay attention to their surroundings when driving on Halloween night, and rightfully so.

Threats ahead are harder to see, and events such as wildlife rushing onto the road can happen suddenly. Especially on Halloween, it's not just wild animals that walk the road. First, depending on where you drive, trick-or-treating people may be out for a walk. Second, Teens may also be doing bad things, playing pranks, or hanging out in the woods. So be vigilant even if you are driving on an open road or where there are no houses around.

lasfit light bars for halloween

Having powerful headlights is important, but sometimes you need extra light to guide you in your direction. When you're off the beaten track at night and need brighter lighting, our off-road LED light bars and LED pods are the perfect solutions. At Lasfit Off-Road, we offer premium off-road lighting in a durable, compact package with an efficient, functional beam pattern, and high-intensity light output that easily illuminates wildlife ahead, trick-or-treaters, Mischievous teens, and even blinds the "ghosts" in the backroads.

lasfit pod lights for halloween

👉Be sober and focused while driving.

1. Speed control: Drive slowly – really slowly.

Popular trick-or-treating hours are 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm. If you’re driving during dusk, it’s also most likely the most popular trick-or-treating time in your area. Kids are excited on Halloween night and may not be as careful as they should be, so it’s important to always anticipate them around every corner. Be especially remember to slow down and be alert for kids during these hours. Drive slowly so you can respond quickly if you need to.

2. Stay sober: Don’t drink and drive.

According to federal data, more than one-third of fatal motor vehicle crashes during Halloween involve drunk drivers. Don't drink and drive, it's the easiest way to prevent a drink-driving accident. Be a responsible driver, not a statistic.

If you plan to have a few drinks in the evening, make sure you have a designated driver or arrange for a taxi home. Be aware of the way alcohol interacts with any medications you are taking, which may exacerbate the effects of alcohol.

3. Keep focused: Don't text and call while driving.

All the colorful Halloween distractions can easily divert your attention. You are 4 times more likely to crash while driving if you’re using your cell phone, and there is no difference between handheld and hands-free. That's why it's important to keep your cell phone away, turn your music down or off, and leave your hands on the steering wheel.

👉Be sober and focused while driving.


⚠️Halloween car safety tips | For cars.

👉Keep your car safe from Halloween pranks.

While Halloween traffic crashes are the main problem, there are other Halloween hazards to watch out for, as Halloween remains one of the most popular nights for vehicle vandals. Halloween should be about treats, not tricks, so it's more important than ever to ensure that your car is protected during Halloween. Here are some simple tips from Lasfit to keep your car safe from ghouls, goblins, late-night thieves, and car pranks.

halloween car safety tips

1. Tips for avoiding damage from cars being stolen:

Car thefts typically see a horrific spike on Halloween night — more than 2,000 a day, according to National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) statistics. The average is 7% to 10% higher. Halloween may be a festive holiday filled with candy and enjoyed by many, but it is also a holiday that criminals take advantage of.

If possible, park the car in a safe place in the garage. But if you find you have to park outside, be sure to lock your car and turn off the ignition and windows. Also, it's a good idea to set car alarms and install a GPS tracking system. If you must park on the street, park in a well-lit area to deter potential vandals or thieves, or consider purchasing a Lasfit hood lock, which could prevent the hood from opening so thieves can't reach your engine or other components.

The Lasfit stealth automatic anti-theft hood lock is installed in place of the safety hook. When locked, the hood lock will not pop out even if the locks on both sides are open. Also, fingers cannot reach in and flick the safety catch for locking. The Hood Lock deters thieves from walking away with valuable underhood parts such as batteries, intakes, superchargers, etc. Our goal is to increase the deterrent against thieves, reduce the chance of jeeps being stolen, and keep the investments under the hood safer!

lasfit anti-theft jeep hood lock for halloween

2. Tips for keeping your car clean from vandalism:

In addition to more serious crimes like theft, there are some other potential vandalisms that Halloween tricksters have been known to participate in, such as:

● Egging
● Throwing firecrackers
● Stealing tires
● Smashing windows
● Toilet-papering or Saran-wrapping
● Putting rotten food or other objects in open windows
● Smashing Pumpkins

To keep your car safe from Halloween shenanigans, Lasfit recommends that you consider purchasing our custom all-weather floor mats ahead of time, our mats use 3D scanning technology to capture every nook and cranny for a perfect edge-to-edge fit of your vehicle, custom-designed channels and raised edges effectively trap eggs, melted candy, rotten food, shaving foam, silly ropes or any other Halloween junk that could erode your car, keeping your car clean at Halloween.

lasfit floor mats for halloween

Also, if your vehicle is hit by eggs, food, etc., in either case, make sure to clean them thoroughly as soon as possible. Our floor mats are easy to clean, simply remove the floor pad from the car, hose it down vigorously, and dry it with a cloth.

easy to clean of lasfit floor mats

3. Tips on road-safe decorations for your car:

How many times have you said to yourself, "I should have done something like that to my car for Halloween!" Use common sense and think about safety first when you get started on decorating your vehicle for Halloween. If you plan on driving during Halloween, please choose road-safe decorations. Road-safe decorations shouldn’t obstruct your view or other drivers’ views. They should be well-secured, and shouldn’t block mirrors or windows.


⚠️Halloween traffic safety tips | For pedestrians

👉Safe tricking-or-treating!

1. Be visible to drivers. 

You may think a driver sees you, but it's possible that they can't. Use reflective tape on Halloween costumes to make yourself more visible to oncoming motorists. Carry a flashlight or glowstick. Avoid costumes that obstruct your vision.

2. Be cautious when crossing the street.

Follow the rules of the road. Cross the street where there is a traffic sign and be alert by looking both ways before crossing. Do use designated sidewalks and crosswalks. If there isn't a sidewalk available, walk facing oncoming traffic and keep as far away from the road as possible.

3. Take extra precautions with children.

Parents need to be particularly vigilant with children, who are most at risk for pedestrian accidents and injuries on Halloween. Make sure your children are aware of all traffic safety rules, and never allow children under the age of 12 to go out unsupervised.

If you have older children going out alone, plan and review a route and time to be home that is acceptable to you. Instruct children to travel only in familiar, well-lit areas and stick with their friends.

halloween traffic safe tips for pedestrians

Hopefully, the tips included above will help you and your car and those around you have a very scary, fun, safe, and hilarious Halloween this year!🌕🎃


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