Yellow vs. White Fog Light: Why You Need Yellow Fog Lights?

by Lasfit Official June 21, 2022

Yellow vs. White Fog Light: Why You Need Yellow Fog Lights?

In some cases, you might need yellow fog light in your vehicle, for example:

1. "I was driving at night and noticed that my fog lights weren't doing me any justice especially on snow / raining days."

2. "I noticed I was not getting a sufficient amount of light with the stock halogen bulbs and felt it would be nice to have the yellow bulbs to light up the road much more."


What Are Yellow Fog Lights?

The halogen fog light bulbs are tend to be 3200K which enclose to sunset. The LED fog light are colese to halogen but it tends to be 3000K with brighter light footage to prevent accidents.


The yellow fog light help drivers navigate the road in snow, raining, foggy days. Yellow lights can improve the unclear situation of the road ahead, provide a high-brightness scattered light source, penetrate the thick fog, and remind the driver on the opposite side.

Nowdays, heavy fog is a major obstacle to traffic. The fog lights are used frequently when we encounter heavy fog. The yellow light has a strong scattering effect, which can make the light beam spread forward as much as possible into a large light cluster. It has a strong brightness to illuminates the road ahead for the driver and indicates their location. Yellow fog enables oncoming vehicles and pedestrians to evade through the thick fog to prevent collision accidents. Comparing the yellow lights and white lights, the yellow lights are the only light colors most drive can withstand in the fog.


Types of Fog Lights

1) LED fog lights

We could barely see in extreme conditions and constantly needed to use yellow fog light. The LED fog light is one of the most durable and economical choices. Although it could be more expensive, they compensate for their price with their energy-efficient capabilities.

2) Halogen fog lights

The halogen lamp has a low color temperature, a yellowish light, and good penetration, suitable for use in rainy and foggy weather. However, their dim light output and low life expectancy make their frequent replacement.


How to Choose Your Fog Lights?

Check the halogen socket. Make sure which specific bulb size your vehicle needs. You can check the owner’s manual or search for it online, such as Sylvania, or Philips.

Consider the cooling system. There are hundreds of LED bulb brands out there, and it seems like each one designs its LED bulb a little differently. One of the most important aspects of a LED bulb is the cooling system. You want to be aware of what the most effective type of cooling system is, so you can purchase a great LED bulb for your vehicle.

Choose more durable lights. No matter how cheap the fog light, it's annoying in multiple attempts and having to return the bulbs, or change the bulb at very short times. So the quality of the lights should be at the top of the consideration factors.


Are Yellow Fog Lights Really Better Than White Fog Lights?

It's a very multifaceted question based on your daily driving condition. The yellow fog light allows you to see further and clearer during foggy, snowy, or rainy weather, and reduces the chances of accidents. However, the white fog light can match the look of white LED lights.


Are Yellow or White Fog Light Illegal?

It depends on your location or where you are going to visit. In general, yellow, amber, and white are both legal across the United States. But the dangerous fog light, built with red, blue, or other colors can be hazardous. It is illegal in many states.


Yellow vs. White Fog Lights: Pros and Cons

1) The pros of the yellow fog light

Ease of contact with the human eye. The yellow light allows the driver to detect an oncoming vehicle with its fog lights on as soon as possible.

Much more safety. Under the illumination of yellow light, the driver will unconsciously improve concentration to avoid accidents.

Good appearance. The yellow lights add extra beauty to the vehicle. Very stylish and personalized.


2) The cons of the yellow fog light

Not be sufficiently bright in some situations. This will no be a big problem by adding extra lightings, such as LED light bar, pod light, white forward light, or the switchback mode fog light coming with dual color light.


3) The pros of the white fog light

Bright and straightforwardness. It's easier to see around dark corners, especially at night.


4) The cons of the white fog light

Too bright. The white light produces more glare. White light is brighter than the yellow one, however, the brightness is not the factor in every situation.

Danger in low visibility weather. The white light is not as effective as the yellow light as it has a shorter wavelength. Staring constantly at white light can frustrate the eye.


Why You Need LED Style Yellow Fogs? How Does Customer Saying?

"One of them being the ease of the install and no extra wiring or ballasts needed. Also for the longevity of the bulbs. I was replacing the halogen bulbs constantly it feels like. They also were dull and didn’t provide the light output I wanted. The LEDs have a quick response when turned on and don’t need a few seconds to warm up like HIDs."


*From Josh Maldonado who completely unsatisfied with the stock light output from the headlights and fogs.


"Lack of light on the road, Having an all black car and the yellow lights really pop and looks perfect with it. I can now see much further ahead and won’t have to worry about wild life or obstructions on the road again!"


*From Tristan Johns who decided to upgrade her fog lights because he noticed he was not getting a sufficient amount of light with the stock halogen bulbs


Final Word

However, the white fog light will also be necessary if your daily drive to work involves driving early in the morning to late at night covering mostly country roads. Having a switchback mode fog lights in, combing with yellow mode and white mode, is a game changer. You can see deer coming, you can cut through the snow and fog with the switch back fog lights and overall feel safer and more comfortable.



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