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What Causes Turn Signal Hyper Flashing?

by Lasift Official May 21, 2019

What Causes Turn Signal Hyper Flashing

The Two Most Common Causes Of LED Turn Signal Blinking Too Fast

If you sit back and think about it, turn signals are an extremely important aspect of safety for any vehicle. Without working turn signals you can’t reliably expect others to see you on the road when you need to make a lane change. After all, no one is able to read your mind. And, lane changes can be very dangerous if done carelessly.

Some would argue that turn signals are as important as your brake lights. Brake lights signal to others on the road what your intentions are, which is extremely important, and similar to what turn signals do. We wouldn’t disagree with them.

You want and need your turn signals to be working properly at all times. This means they need to be flashing correctly and not turned on at the incorrect times. You never want to be confusing the drivers around you. You don’t want to be signaling the wrong intentions to others on the road. That’s how accidents are caused. 

Because of their importance, many people decide to install brighter LED turn signals. Of course, that’s a great idea. This is a good choice because it increases your visibility to others on the road during both daytime and nighttime driving. That’s how you improve your safety while driving. Bright turn signals have the ability to signal those far behind you that you’re planning to make a left or right turn. Weak turn signal lights can’t effectively do that.

lasfit LED blinker bulb vs factory halogen lamp

The best option is to try some LED turn signal bulbs of your own. Decide for yourself if you like them. These are the brightest options on the market for most vehicles.
Like everything else in life, there are some pros and cons to installing LED turn signal bulbs on your vehicle.

One of the biggest issues associated with LED turn signal bulbs is hyper flashing. Sometimes they don’t work correctly.
Most LED turn signal brands won’t work exactly like your OEM bulbs. If you’re curious as to what causes hyper flashing, then continue reading this article. We’ll explain the two major reasons behind hyper flashing in LED turn signal bulbs. Once you discover the causes, you’ll be better equipped to make a decision on what to do with your turn signals on your vehicle.

Have you ever wondered why aftermarket LED turn signals begin to hyper flash after you leave them on for a prolonged time period, or sometimes immediately after installing them?
There’s a simple reason behind hyper flashing. Here’s one of the primary causes.

The lack of a load resistor.
A LED bulb will typically trip the onboard vehicle computer system (CANBUS) and cause error lights to pop up on your gauge cluster display along with hyper flashing, or sometimes both. The simple reason behind this is because the LED bulb uses considerably less wattage than the OEM halogen bulb. Therefore, the vehicle computer system detects that something is wrong. The solution to this issue is to add an external resistor or relay to each LED turn signal bulb.

Most LED turn signal brands will require you to install an external resistor to solve the issue of hyper flashing.
This is a headache for many reasons.

led turn signal light with load resistor relay

First, the external resistor is challenging to install properly. Second, the external resistor has to be carefully installed because of the scorching temperatures it reaches. If you install it poorly and it gets loose, then you run the risk of causing some serious damage inside your engine bay. This is why external resistors are usually a hassle when they have to be used.

How to Fix Hyper Flashing with LED Lights

At Lasfit, we’re fully aware of this, so we’ve come up with a better solution that will save our customers more than a few heachaches. Our T-Series LED turn signal bulbs feature a built-in resistor function. The built-in resistor function we’ve created works perfectly with the on-board vehicle computer system.

lasfit t-series canbus error free bulbs

With our LED turn signal bulbs, you won’t have to deal with error codes, extremely hot external resistors, or constant hyper flashing.

The second possible cause of hyper flashing, which is true for the Lasfit T-Series bulbs as well, is due to overheating.
It’s not as bad as it sounds. Here’s why.

There are some LED turn signal bulbs that will begin to flash if they’re left blinking for an extended period of time. This occurs because the LED bulb begins to overheat. It begins to hyper flash in order to warn you to turn off the blinker and let it cool down.
Once it cools down it will work as usual. Many brands use different techniques to achieve this. Some don’t use any new technology, so the LED turn signal bulb might actually be malfunctioning. It’s difficult to diagnose, so make sure you know how the LED turn signal bulb you purchased functions.

At Lasfit, every T-Series LED turn signal bulb has a built-in Intelligent Temperature Control System (ITCS). The way it works is, if the bulb is left blinking for a lengthy period of time, over five minutes depending on other factors, such as outside temperature, then it will start hyper flashing.

In that case, the Intelligent Temperature Control System is warning you the LED bulb is reaching very high temperatures. To stop the hyper flashing, turn it off for a few minutes and it will go back to blinking normally once it cools down.It’s very simple.
If this happens to you, don’t get worried because it’s common and a built-in protective feature. Without this feature, the LED bulbs would continue blinking until they completely malfunctioned, and you would have no way of knowing they were overheating.

These are the two most common reasons why your LED turn signal bulbs will hyper flash.
As you now know, with the correct LED bulb, hyper flashing should not be a massive issue. It depends on why your turn signals are hyper flashing. The reason can be important or insignificant.

The best thing to do is to know how your particular LED turn signal bulbs work. Once you know, you won’t be surprised when your turn signals hyper flash (or, you might be very surprised!). Let us know if you would like to know anything else regarding LED turn signal bulbs and hyper flashing.

7 Responses

Hunter Holmes

November 13, 2022

I recently installed some new LED turn signals that have the CANBUS thing that prevents hyper flashing, and to my surprise, the issue was finally fixed. After a year of hyper flash, I was super relieved, but sadly after a long drive, the turn signals began hyper flashing again. It is pretty cold where I live now but I don’t know what else I can do. Do you have any tips to keep the bulbs cool?


November 02, 2022

I ordered a whole light kit for my 2018 Ford f150 and everything works except the front blinkers what’s wrong

James Peterson

August 27, 2022

To John Becich: If you replaced your incandescent signal lamps with LEDs and you did not anticipate/were surprised with this problem then, I am sorry John but you are NOT an electronics engineer.

Manuel Tavares

February 20, 2022

Load Resistors is a bunch of garbage they do not work on my 2022 Chevy Colorado. My front led bulbs are still hyper flashing after after three sets of those stupid resistors ideas.

Manuel Tavares

February 20, 2022

Load Resistors is a bunch of garbage they do not work on my 2022 Chevy Colorado. My front led bulbs are still hyper flashing after after three sets of those stupid resistors ideas.

David Howard

July 09, 2021

I have a 97 Toyota Tacoma I put some LEDs not expensive ones on my truck in the rear and tried to put some LEDs that they sold me in the front of my truck which they wouldn’t work so I left the incandescent bulb in the front and put the LED in the back well they’re here you a thing called hyper flash I have learned like you have a bulb out I’ve been in the automotive business for a long time we just change the bulb out when and we had hyper Flash I want to change over and I see the T-Series would probably fix this whole problem when I put both LEDs that I bought in it blew the fuse I need help tell me what to do I’ve been told to buy a LED turn signal relay and it would solve my problem I still don’t believe that I think you have to have matching bulbs and you might have to change the relay to an LED relay help me

John Becich

September 05, 2019

I wish I had seen this article before I replaced incandescent signal bulbs with LED fixture from “Brand X.” BTW, I am an electronics engineer and might have anticipated this problem, but I did not. My cars: Chevy Cavalier and BMW 525i; same hyperblinking problem on both.

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