Review: Lasfit 32" Light Bar Installed Behind the Grille of My Chevy Silverado 1500

by Lasfit Official April 14, 2022

Review: Lasfit 32

*This article was originally created by Cruz Villafranco. All the photos are authorized by Cruz. Thanks to Cruz for sharing such great content with us!

"For the quality and cost you can't beat this light bar!"

Product: Lasfit 32 Inch LED Light Bar
Vehicle: Chevy Silverado 1500

I was installing the 32" Lasfit light bar behind the grille of my truck and it largely exceeded my expectations. I needed something that was slim but still put out enough light and this light bar delivered in both categories.


Amazing Brightness. This light bar literally put out so much light!

Sleek Design. I needed something slim enough to fit in a tight spot behind grille and this is the only light bar I could find with that option.

Unbeatable Price Point. I have to say that the price was so much greater compared to the other options out there. While the quality, man, much more exceeded the price point.



I installed the light bar behind the grille of my truck. It was a fairly easy process.

First, you have to take the grille of the truck off. That was probably the hardest part because you don't want to break an of the clips of the grille. I bought mounts that made it to where I could mount the light bar behind the grille.

Once you mounted the light bar to the frame that was pretty much it, other than the wiring.

Added: I needed a light bar that would fit behind the grille but didn't interfere with the breathers that the truck has. That was the main reason for choosing this light bar.

The light bar exceeds all of the expectations that I had. They are so bright I had it turned on during the day on accident and everyone was bright lighting me!



I haven't had any problems with the buying process and product and I think that speaks a lot about the support experience! I very much look forward to having more off-road lighting options for my vehicles! A light bar that has an integrated DRL option would be so great! More vehicle-specific brackets please also for my Silverado!


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Yani C

April 22, 2022

I only used the bracket that came with the light bar. My bumper had an area for the light bar to sit on and for it to be bolted on to. I did have to buy the harness $19.99 .


April 22, 2022

Hey Cruz, what brackets did you buy. Looking to add this light bar behind the grill of my 2020 LT as well. Thanks

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