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Lasfit Hub Caps——An Excellent Recipe for Effective Wheel Protection

by Lasfit Official June 12, 2023

Lasfit Hub Caps——An Excellent Recipe for Effective Wheel Protection

Have you ever been annoyed by mud, dirt or small debris on your wheels? Have you ever been bothered by feeling uncomfortable when you touch the wheel? Now, we bring you our newest hubcaps that can do the trick for you!
Our hub caps are made from high quality, durable materials that will do a great job of protecting your hubs from external contamination. At the same time, the hub cap can also beautify the appearance of the wheel and improve the temperament of the vehicle. Not only that, the hubcap can also reduce air resistance and improve the aerodynamic performance of the vehicle, thereby reducing wind resistance noise and fuel consumption, which is a good choice for fuel saving and environmental protection.
Our hubcaps are stylish and come in a variety of colors to suit every car model and occasion. It is easy to install, no professional tools are required, and it only takes a few minutes to complete. Make your car more personalized and professional, and bring more surprises and comfort to your driving experience.



1. LASFIT Hub Caps Features
2. Common Hub Cap Types
3. Things to Pay Attention to When Choosing A Hub Cap
4. Installation Precautions
5. Possible Problems
6. Products Mentioned In This Guide


1. Features of Lasfit Hub Caps

High-quality ABS raw material, it can be used at extremely low temperature, has excellent wear resistance, good dimensional stability, corrosion resistance, and can cope with various road conditions.

Lasfit 18 inch and Lasfit 19 inch wheel cover hubcaps are designed for specific car models, perfectly fit Tesla Model 3 2017-2023 18 inch Wheel and Tesla Model Y 2020-2023 19 inch Wheel. High-quality buckle, stable installation, not easy to fall.

The high-quality buckle makes the wheel cover hubcap easy to install and remove. You only need to find the arc-shaped structure reserved for the air port, and then press the hubcap and buckle in to complete the installation. The installed hubcap is very stable and will not fall off.

The Lasfit 18 inch and Lasfit 19 inch wheel cover hubcap is a five-way divergent pattern design, with a black matte flower surface, showing a low-key, calm and stylish. The design elements on these wheel cover hubcaps give the wheel a new aesthetic and unique appearance.

The Lasfit 18-inch and Lasfit 19-inch wheel hubcap sets include four 18-inch and 19-inch wheel hubcaps respectively and four sound-deadening cotton strips. We individually wrap each hub cap and seal them in 4 individual boxes, effectively reducing the chance of product damage during shipping.


2. Common Hub Cap Types

There are many types of hub caps, the following are the common ones:
1. Personalized and creative hub caps: This kind of hub caps usually have unique designs and patterns, which can well increase the personality and visual effects of the wheels, and are a good choice for car owners to freely display their personalization.
2. Ordinary plastic hubcap: This kind of hubcap has a simple appearance, a single color, and a relatively cheap price. It is often used in family cars or taxis.
3. Metal hubcap: This kind of hubcap has more high-grade materials and craftsmanship, better texture, longer service life, and better stability. It is more common in some high-end cars.
4. Carbon fiber hubcap: It is a new type of material with high strength, high stiffness and low density. It is often used in high-end racing cars or high-performance cars, etc. It has good strength and aesthetics.
Some famous car brands and car wheel manufacturers have launched their own hub cap products, which are exquisite in appearance and superior in performance, and are deeply loved by car fans and car owners. In short, there are many types of hub caps, and car owners can choose the most suitable hub cap products according to their needs and preferences.


3. Things to Pay Attention to When Choosing A Hub Cap

1. Determine what size hub cap you need, as wheels come in many sizes and styles.
2. Make sure the hubcap matches the number of nuts on the car hub to secure the hubcap.
3. Large hubcaps protect the entire wheel, while center hubcaps only protect the lugs and the center of the wheel.
4. The material of the hub cap generally includes aluminum, steel and plastic. If you're concerned that your wheels will be damaged by a crash or other major impact, choose to purchase aluminum or steel hubcaps. However, due to the higher quality of these hubcaps, they may be more likely to loosen and fall off the wheel. Plastic covers are relatively lightweight and less expensive, but not as durable as the previous two.


4. Installation Precautions

1. During installation, be mindful of the positioning of the wheel cover clips to ensure they are securely fastened.
2. Do not use excessive force when installing the wheel cover clips to avoid damaging them or the wheel surface.
3. After installation, check for any looseness or defects in the wheel cover hubcap, and adjust or replace them promptly.


5. Possible Problems

1. Wheel cover hubcap becomes loose: If the wheel hub cover becomes loose during use, stop the car immediately to adjust it to avoid the wheel hub cover falling off and affecting driving safety.
2. Wheel cover hubcap is damaged: The wheel hub cover may be damaged due to impact or other reasons during use. If this happens, replace the wheel hub cover immediately.


6. Products Mentioned In This Guide

Great design makes your Tesla stand out. Lasfit Tesla accessories are another unbreakable custom-made concept for vehicles. We aim to bring all Tesla owners the highest quality Tesla interior accessories on the market. Lasfit 19-inch wheel cover hubcaps are made of high-quality materials, which are durable and can effectively protect the original wheel hub. It also has a unique stylish look, comes fully packaged and fits perfectly.
If you are going to use Lasfit hub caps to upgrade your vehicle, please click the link below or log in to our LASFIT official webpage to choose.


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