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How to Install H7 LED Headlight Bulbs

by Rookie Lasfit July 29, 2023

How to Install H7 LED Headlight Bulbs

H7 LED light bulbs can replace forward lighting bulbs for your cars, the exact bulb sizes vary on your vehicle's make, year, model, and position. We gathered different lumens H7 light bulbs here for you to select easily, Pro-H7(Custom), LSPlus (Brightest), LAplus (Most Popular), LDplus (Switchback), LCplus (Affordable), and L1plus (Fanless).If you are not sure which H7 LED forward lighting bulbs can fit your vehicle, please click Bulb Finder and then input your vehicle's Year, Make, Model, and Bulb Applications for more details.


1.Table of Contents

Preparations before installation
Lasfit H7 Headlight Bulbs Installation Video
Main Features
How to Get The Right Bulb Size
Where Can I Buy Lasfit H7 Headlight Bulbs


2.Preparations before installation

Before installing H7 LED headlight bulbs, you need to pay attention to the following preparations:
1. Suitability: Make sure the H7 LED headlight bulb is perfectly suitable for your car model.
3. Power Off: Before starting to install any lights, make sure the vehicle is powered off and disconnect the vehicle battery.
4. Tools: Prepare the tools that may be needed during the installation process, such as wrenches, screwdrivers, wire connectors, etc.
5. Cleaning: Make sure the light area of the vehicle is clean and free from dust, oil or dirt.
6. Disassembly: Disassemble and assemble the old car light assembly step by step according to the vehicle instruction manual or the light installation guide.
7. Check: Before installing the new H7 LED headlight, please check the wire connection, make sure all cables and connectors are in good contact.
Please note that if you are not familiar with the installation process or are not sure about your own operational capabilities, it is recommended to consult a professional technician for installation.


3.Lasfit H7 Headlight Bulbs Installation Video


4.Main Features

Designed for H7 reflector: LED's position the light source almost in the same spot as a halogen H7.
Better beam pattern: The 70*90 mil automotive-grade LED chips are used on the new version H7/ Pro-G2 LED bulbs. They also have a much thinner structure to make sure to provide a more focused beam pattern. Just like the halogen but much brighter than the halogen ones. It's a significant visual improvement in driving.
Multiple cooling systems are ready: We have the new stylish fan and turbo cooling technology to keep the bulbs working under 80℃. Each bulb provides 3000 lumens. 400% brighter than halogen. We clearly have the better heat sinking required for these kinds of lights.
CANBUS: We have tested a lot on compatible vehicles, no resistor is needed for Pro-G2 bulbs. No issues no warning lights. No codes have ever popped up.
New version for easier installation: The new version of Pro-G2 bulbs redefine the look, 3 slots in the fan grille equipped are easier to twist and lock into housing. And they are shorter than enough to allow dust cover to put back without overheating issue.


5.How to Get The Right Bulb Size

There is a Fitment query function on the Lasfit.com website, you only need to enter relevant information, the specific operation is as follows.
1. In the navigation bar, after entering the corresponding information in order, the search results will display the corresponding products.

2. By Vehicle: By querying a specific model, you can find all the product links of the model, and then find the product page that needs to be purchased.

For more operation details, please check our BLOG article: How To Find The Right Bulb Size


6.Where Can I Buy Lasfit H7 Headlight Bulbs

H7 LED bulbs are widely chosen by the public because of their excellent performance advantages, LASFIT provides H7 bulbs with different lumens for you to choose easily, Pro-H7(Custom), LSPlus (Brightest), LAplus (Most Popular), LDplus (Switchback), LCplus (Affordable), and L1plus (Fanless).
Click on the link below to purchase LASFIT H7 LED Headlight Bulbs to upgrade your headlights.

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August 07, 2023

Is it possible to replace halogen h7 with led h7 without altering anything else?

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