How to Get the Best Light Beam of LED H4 Bulbs on Toyota Tundra 2014?

by Lasift Official September 18, 2017


Our customer Mr. Weatherford owns a Toyota Tundra 2014 Crewmax, which uses very common “H4” sized halogen bulbs.

He purchased a pair of LASFIT H4 LED bulbs. After installed, the first thing he noticed is how bright the bulbs are.

However, they projected the strange beams, here is what Mr. Weatherford said:

"The main issue I have is the left bulb seems to be putting out two strange beams towards the sky the other isn't. It's still shining forward like the right but has two strange beams facing upwards".

For the LED bulbs, they should be installed nine and three o’clock, with the LED chips facing left and right, so they would provide the best light beam.

Mr. Weatherford told that his LED chips were on left and right, but slight angled, so he tried to rotate the bulbs to the right position as we have stated and then got a great light beam.

If you meet the same issue on your H4 bulbs, please just rotate the bulbs to get the correct light beam.

Check out the picture below to see what the right position is.