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Honest Review: Lasfit All-Weather Floor Mats On 2022 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon

by Lasfit Official December 17, 2022

Honest Review: Lasfit All-Weather Floor Mats On 2022 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon

*This article was originally created by Tyler R@Tyler225. All the photos and content are authorized by Tyler. Many thanks to Tyler for sharing such honest review and great content with us!👏👏👏


Hello Fellow Jeepers! This is Tyler here!🤠

**NOTE: @Lasfit provided these floor mats to me at a heavy discount (not free) as they were looking for some forum members to provide their own reviews. They wanted an unfiltered, honest review and didn’t provide any sort of compensation or incentives for a favorable review. They left it up to me to how I wanted to do the review.



- I ordered them first thing Monday morning (11/14) and they were at my house by Thursday (11/17) afternoon.

- Mats were well packaged and came in a box specifically for the floor mats, had a handle right on the box so was easy to pull inside (they aren’t heavy but having the handle was just a nice convenience).


Reasoning for Wanting Mats:

My ’22 JLUR came with the standard carpet mats and I’ve had them in for the last 8 months. Living in Utah and having to deal with snow, wet shoes/boots, dirt from Moab, and dirty dog paws I wanted something that keeps the dirt/grime/snow, etc contained and is easy to clean. Trying to get my wife’s hair or the dog’s hair out of the carpet floor mats is impossible.

I was in the process of debating between Quadratecs/Weather Tech/Rugged ridges floor mats when Lasfit posted in the forum looking for some users to try out their floor mats. I sent them an email and they offered me a set at 90% off.



Overall, the mats feel solid, have a nice tread and grip, and look the part of a jeep. The tire tread pattern is pretty cool and the ridges have a lot of depth so should hold all the dirt/grime etc very well. Install took 5 minutes to pop them in.

Front Driver Mat:

Lasfit Front driver liner for Jeep jl

  • Fits very well back near the seat, covers everything that it needs to cover, and runs up the left-hand side on the driver door trim into the foot well very nicely. No gaps between the trim and the mat.
  • The right-hand side of the mat that runs up into the pedals doesn’t fit as snug. There’s a pretty decently sized space between the mat and the floor. I’m not sure if this is because it just needs to settle into shape after being packaged or if it’s a design issue. I plan on fixing this with some Velcro to hold it down tightly. Very minor and it looks like if the material was a little heavier it would lay down nicely.
  • The center of the floor mat isn’t tight to the floor and when you press down on the center either with your hand or foot the top of the mat near the floor pedals lift up slightly. Doesn’t lift up a ton and probably isn’t a big deal at the end of the day but I wish the mat fit a little tighter/snug.

Driver side fitment issue - velcro needed


Front Passenger Mat:

Front pass liner

  • Same as the driver side it fits very well near the seat, and covers everything it needs. On this side, the left side of the mat towards the center of the vehicle fits nicely and tight so the gap that exists on the driver mat doesn’t exist here.
  • The right-hand side of the mat close to the door is where there’s a decently sized gap. You can see it pretty well in the below pictures. Again, this could just be because of being folded in the packaging and might settle into place in the future. Like the driver side, I plan on fixing it with some Velcro.
  • As with the driver side if you press down in the center of the mat it lifts the top that up in the footwell. I currently have my air compressor on it to see if with some weight and a day or two it will help with the air space between the center of the mat and the floor. Super minor issue and doesn’t affect the coverage or cause any harm on the passenger side.

Front Final: Mats look good and cover most of what they need to. Some minor fitment issues that are easily fixed with some Velcro underneath the mat to hold it tight.


Rear Mat:

lasfit rear floor mats for jeep

  • Set up similar to the front, with nice deep tread that will hold plenty of dirt, mud, snow, etc.
  • The one-piece design is awesome and will keep the mats in place while also covering that center bump behind the center console.
  • The mats line up perfectly with the trim and I don’t have any of the gaps between the jeep trim and mats like I do in the front.
  • The only issue I have with these mats and it's not really an issue but more of a what I would do differently. Underneath the rear seats, there’s a rubber circle (you can see a close-up in the below pictures) and it just sits over the screw/bolt that is there. I wish it snapped over the bolt instead of just laying across it. Would just give the mats a cleaner look but to be honest nobody is going to see that.

Rear Final: I really like the design, the fitment, and the tread depth. It’s the dog in the backseat 90% of the time and these will catch and hold anything he can track into the back of the jeep while allowing me to clean them in 1/10th of the time it takes to clean the carpet.


Overall Verdict:

I would buy it again. I’ll caveat that though I would definitely buy them again at their current price point ($120). If the price went up to $200, I would probably try out a different brand just to see if they fit a little tighter in the front. You can currently get the front and rear for $102 + tax on their website. These are a big upgrade over the stock carpet, look good, and are going to make cleaning the jeep after trips or even just daily driving so much easier and faster. There are some minor fitment issues in the front but despite that they do the job they are meant for.

Please feel free to ask any questions! I can provide more pictures, videos etc if needed.

Honest Review Lasfit All-Weather Floor Mats On 2022 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon



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