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Hit The Bitter Springs Trail In Las Vegas And Feel The Good Vibes With A Great Group Of Guys Together

by Lasfit Official September 26, 2022

Hit The Bitter Springs Trail In Las Vegas And Feel The Good Vibes Together

Welcome back, trail folks! 😎Our trail ambassador of this month is Mike @ninjafied, a guy who loves the outdoors and loves wheeling with people that have good vibes! Let's follow Mike and get out to hit the Bitter Springs Trail and enjoy a relaxing time and good vibes together!

Hit The Bitter Springs Trail In Las Vegas And Feel The Good Vibes Together (1) (1)

● So Mike, could you tell us what keeps you overlanding and off-roading?

Tackling obstacles and watching the gratification of people tackling obstacles that we didn't think we could do gives me all the feels.

Hit The Bitter Springs Trail In Las Vegas And Feel The Good Vibes Together (1) (1)

● Tell us about the trail, why that location? What was the coolest moment? Any scary or recovery moments?

There are several trails in the Las Vegas area. This Lasfit sponsored trail we did was called Bitter Springs. This is one of my favorite trails here in Vegas since it has a little bit of everything. A bit of rock crawling, scenic drives, washboards to go fast on and nature all around with wild horses and burros roaming around. This trail has some difficult obstacles but we have a great group of guys that help each other out and spot each other well.

Hit The Bitter Springs Trail In Las Vegas And Feel The Good Vibes Together (1) (1)

● What makes this a difficult or easy trail?

This trail is as easy or as difficult as you want to make it since there are options to try and tackle rock crawling sections or bypasses to take if the comfort level is low.

● Would you recommend this trail to anyone or more experienced folks?

Bitter Springs is a trail for everybody and that's why it's one of my favorite trails. It doesn't really matter how experienced you are because you have options and several routes to take depending on how comfortable you are.

Hit The Bitter Springs Trail In Las Vegas And Feel The Good Vibes Together (1) (1)

● What is your favorite or dream trail and why?

I have quite a few dream trails that are on the bucket list. I'd say either Cleghorn in CA or trailing in Sedona, AZ are my next two trails I'd like to experience in the very near future.

● In your opinion, are there any modifications or accessories that everyone has to have?

4x4 and clearance are necessary for the crawling obstacles but if you decide to take the bypasses this trail can be very easy and you can get by with 2WD. A good spotter is always a plus when you go through more difficult obstacles.

● How important is proper lighting strategy for the trail? Can you list from the most important to the least to us and explain why?

When trailing at night, lighting is essential! I had the opportunity to try out the Lasfit Ditch lights and they worked out extremely well. I also have fog lights and a light bar as well which I'm strongly considering on making the change to Lasfit since they perform excellent. You can never have enough lights either.

lasfit off-road lights

● Do you have any suggestions about lighting set-up for trail riders?

Like I said, you can never have enough lighting. It just all depends on how deep your wallet is and Lasfit makes lighting very affordable with high quality lighting. Fog lights, light bar, chase lights and ditch lights are on my rig and it is ample for night trails.

Here's the detailed Trail Info Dan provided to us for anyone who gets interested in this trail as reference:

Name of the trail:
Bitter Springs
Las Vegas
20 miles
Best time of year to go:
All year
Key Features:
Rock crawling, scenic trails, washboards, big hills and ends at Lake Mead. Has a bit of everything for any type of driver.
1245 ft
Phone Numbers for local help:
SNORR (Southern Nevada Off Road Recovery)
Grid Coordinates:
36.4895, -114.73529
Tire Pressure Advice:
All dependent on the driver. I like to go to 15PSI for my rig.
Rig requirements (Example, must be 4x4 with lift kit, or standard 4x4):
This trail has many options so 2WD could suffice. 4x4 is recommended for the more difficult obstacles.
Other considerations:
Las Vegas gets very hot in the summertime so be prepared to be in the heat and bring lots of water. Night trailing in the summertime is usually more comfortable.

Thanks again for Mike's fun ride sharing! Can't wait for the next trail!😍😍Feel free to reach out to Mike@ninjafied to learn more trail stories!


🥷🏽🏜 Leave your ❤️💌 in the comment if you feel the vibe!

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