Review: H4 LED Bulbs Test On 2017 Toyota Tundra Regular & Bright Light

by Lasfit Official May 10, 2022

Review: H4 LED Bulbs Test On 2017 Toyota Tundra Regular & Bright Light

*This content was originally created by Brandon. All the photos are authorized by Brandon, as well. Thank you for sharing such great content with us!



Purchase Item: LA plus series H4 LED bulb

Features and Specs:
6000K bright white light
Adjustable beam pattern
Better fit with short size
No need for CANBUS decoder

Vehicle's Information: 2017 Toyota Tundra

Fits: Regular & bright light

Installation time: 10-20 mins


Reason Why I Switch to LEDs:

The LED bulbs are not only super bright, but the simplicity of the install and price in comparison to the HID was a no brained.


Product Impression:

Package: The packaging is strong, sturdy and very visually appealing. The design screams professional and high quality.

Brightness: In comparison to my factory bulbs I replaced, these LED are a million times better. The color and beam pattern are superior in every way. Holding the bulb in hand just feels amazing.

Beam pattern: Absolutely love them! Driving in the dark seems so much safer. I also installed the switchback fog lights that are absolutely the best!

Quality: I have purchased several products from Lasfit over the past few years for different vehicles. I have always loved the quality of the products as well as the pricing.


LED Lights Overview:

360 Degrees Adjustable Socket: The mounting collar is adjustable for freely rotating. Apply to both projector and reflector housing.

Much Brighter than Halogen: Way better than stock and provide excellent night time drivability by taking an amplified flux beam with 6 pieces flip chips on each bulb.

Installation Without Struggling: Built with a smaller/ shorter size than the common LEDs in the market without building an external driver, directly plug into the factory housing.

Better Heat Dissipation: Come with new cooling system with a unique ball-bearing fan, the all-in-one compact aluminum design, and intelligent temperature control technology.


Real World Test:

Beam pattern of regular light:LED-Bulb-For-2017-Tundra
Beam pattern of bright light: LED-Bulb-For-2017-Tundra


Personal Thoughts:

I did not have any issues with my factory bulbs. Just the yearning for something brighter and with a longer beam pattern and Lasfit did it!

Thanks again for Brandon to provide the most honest thoughts and reveiw.

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