LS Series H11 H9 H8 H16 LED Headlight/Fog Light 90W 10000LM 6000K

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  • Some Situations For Best Choosing LS Series LED Bulb
    1. Living in a rural area and every now and driving country roads at night. 
    2. Most of the driving is at dark or living out in the country and it gets very dark out.
    3. Replace factory halogen bulb and aftermarket bulb.

    Top Features:
    10,000LM Highest Power

    Lumileds Luxeon Z ES LED chip carries more focused lighting. External driver ballast supports constantly super bright light output and makes sure the LED bulb last longer.

    Super Bright White Color
    LS series LED bulb coming with 6,000K color temperature differs from 5,000K or 5,500K lights that would blind people, pretty tasteful while still having great light output.
    6,000K LEDs brings ever-so-slight tint of blue than 5,000K or 5,500K one but not as much blue as you would think after its fully warmed up and brings a bright white instead.

    More Focus, Less Blind
    The mounting base/plate is adjustable with 3 holes on the adapter holder for alignment options, won't blind people or oncoming traffic when aiming your headlights properly and allow the LEDs to achieve the best, most perfect beam pattern meanwhile.

    IP67 Water and Dust Seal
    Lasfit LED light is impervious to water, regardless of how long it is submerged, with IP67 waterproof and dustproof design and O-ring seal to make sure they work well in almost extreme condition even without dust cover/rubber back.

    Plug and Play
    Connects directly into the factory connector, very easy to install.

    Strong Heat Dissipation
    With built-in hydroid pressure turbo cooling fan @9000RPM ensure working under 80 celsius and aluminum nitride substrate ensure lifespan over 50,000 hours.

    Tech Specs:
    Plug Type: H11/H8/H9/H16
    Light Mode: Single Beam
    Usage: Headlight/Fog Light
    LED Quantity: 2pcs Lumileds Luxeon Z ES LEDs
    Voltage: DC 9-16V
    Light Power: 90W/set (45W/bulb)
    Luminous Flux: 10,000LM/set (5,000LM/bulb)
    Color Temperature: Bright White 6,000K
    Lifespan: Over 50,000 hours
    Certification: IP67 Water and Dust Seal, CE, RoHS

    Most Honest Policy:
    Online professional customer service.
    Offline quick telephone support and physical store experience.
    2 years hassle free warranty.
    45 days return/money back guarantee.
    Please notes: our warranty will NOT cover installation service, labor cost, diagnostics tracking service or any other expense unrelated to the products.

    What's the Difference Between H11 and H11B?
    H11B and H11 are two different bulb sizes. If your factory halogen bulb size is H11B, you will need one more set extension cable to replace H11B bulbs. Please click here.

  • Can you tell me which LED bulb would fit my vehicle?

    Please kindly contact us with your vehicle year, make and model and tell which led bulb would you want, so we can check and get back to you as soon as possible.
    By the way, others information for your vehicle should be told:
    1) Does your car/truck have projector/eyesight package?
    2) What’s your factory bulb type? HID or halogen?
    3) Do you have an aftermarket headlight housing?
    The more information you told, the less time we spend to check and sent the correct bulb to you.


    Which kits would you recommend? / Not sure which will work best for my car.
    If there’s lots of night driving on the dark living in the country or something like that, we recommend LS series with brightest light and highest power output.
    If you just need some LEDs to replace the halogen bulb with brighter light and softy plug and play installation, we recommend upgraded LA series.
    If you need full beam pattern, we would like to recommend LC6 series.
    If you’re looking for some LEDs with switchback function, then choose LD series.
    In addition, you can also choose L1 series, they’re noiseless one.


    Are they plug and play?
    For most of vehicles, they are plug and play.
    But for H1, H3 and HID bulb, some modifications may be needed, but it’s easy to make it fit.
    By the way, if HID bulbs are not plug and play, we provide one set universal power cables, just find out 2 wires of vehicle factory power plug, positive and negative wires. "+" to "+", "-" to "-"


    I am looking at your bulbs see there are 6 different bulbs, but I can't find the differences.
    The difference between all of the available options are:
    LS series: brightest bulbs, lumileds zes chips, built-in external driver, 90W/set, 10000LM/set, 6000K cool white light, 2-year hassle free warranty.
    Upgraded LA series: smallest size and 360°adjustable socket for easy plug and play installation, new flip chips, 72W/set, 7600LM/set, 6000K cool white light, 1-year hassle free warranty.
    L1 series: fanless, noiseless, built-in internal driver, cree XP-G2 chips, 40W/set, 6000LM/set, 6000K cool white light, 1-year hassle free warranty.
    LC6 series: economical, COB chips, built-in internal driver, 60W/set, 7600LM/set, 6000K cool white light, 1-year hassle free warranty.
    LA series: stunning illumination, flip chips, built-in internal driver, 72W/set, 7600LM/set, 6000K cool white light, 1-year hassle free warranty.
    LD series: switchback, Dual-color, built-in external driver, 72W/set, 7200LM(yellow)/8400LM(white), 3000K(yellow)/6000K(white) , 1-year hassle free warranty.


    Can you tell me when my order will be shipped?
    All of the orders will be shipped within 1 business day except for special circumstances like backorder, if your order was not been shipped within 1 business day, please get back to us with your order number and buying pattern. We will check and ship them as soon as possible.
    Thank you for your kindly understanding.


    I have not received my order.
    Sometimes USPS will be delayed, please kindly wait for 1-2 days more to get your order.
    If USPS website still no updates to where your package is and it saying that your order on its way to the next facility, please contact us for quick support.


    I would like to return this product. I purchased the wrong ones for my car.
    If you ordered the wrong set for your vehicle by mistake by yourself, then you need to return this wrong item and pay for the shipping.
    Please contact us for asking the returning address.
    We will resend or refund once we receive your returning item.


    They were not compatible with my car.
    Special bulb holder may be required. See if you can take the holder from the stock bulb. If not, let us know.
    The bulb size may be wrong, double check the item you received with the item you ordered.
    Do you have an aftermarket lighting housing? These may not be perfectly compatible with aftermarket bulbs and will require some manual modifications.


    I wish to cancel my order.
    Your order can be canceled before shipping. 
    But if they have been shipped, please sent back to us and get refund.


    How to proceed with return?
    Please contact us for asking the returning address or return label to proceed with return.


    What is the refund policy? and what is the warranty coverage?
    Our led products have 45 days money back guarantee and 1 year hassle free warranty.
    By the way, LS series led bulb has 2 years hassle free warranty.


    Which set of H7 led headlights should I purchase for my vehicle?
    We have standard H7 led bulb and custom H7 led bulb built in adapter.
    It's better to take photos of your factory halogen bulb and power cable to send us for a look so wen can tell the correct H7 led bulb.
    Because for H7 bulbs, many factory headlights come with a retainer clip, which lock halogen bulb on housing socket.


    Do I need a special clip to use your led bulbs on my vehicle?
    For some models of BMW/Mercedes Benz/Volkswagen/Kia/Hyundai, they need an adapter clip for led lights to mount into the headlamp assembly.
    It's better to take photos of your factory halogen bulb and power cable to send us for a look.


    Should I run decoder on led bulb to avoid any error readings?
    For some models of Dodge, Ram, Jeep, Chrysler, they need Error Free Anti Flicker Resistor Canceler.
    No worries, if they’re flickering or send error message, it can be solved by decoder, please contact us with your order number and buying pattern for quick support.


    Space in the car seems a bit tight will these fit? /They hit part of my body under the hood and can’t get them in.
    1)Please check the bulb size of your item to see if they’re correct one or not.

    2)If it’s correct bulb, please pull the headlights out a little bit to fit.
    Because for different vehicles, different models, the headlight housing space/structure are different.


    Wondering if any of them can also run as a DRL?
    Yes, we have, please contact us with your vehicle year, make and model.


  • Shipping Policy

    Prerequisite Information for Shipping

    1) Please confirm shipping address and billing address.The shipping address should be a physical address, we DO NOT ship to P.O. box address.
    The billing address is based on customer's home or office address where they receive their credit card statements, not the IP address or any others. If you're unable to process a payment on the credit card and get a message saying that the zip code doesn't match, it means the zip code should be double check by the customer to make sure the address that matches their credit card or the transaction will fail. 

    2) Leaving make/model/year and any modify information for your vehicle on the shopping cart before checkout.
    It would help for checking the information concerning bulb size, compatibility issue, special retainer holder/ adapter clip before shipping, in case you have an aftermarket housing but got the wrong LED bulb by mistake, we would help you exchange for the correct one and ship as soon as possible.

    3) The phone number in case the courier company needs to contact you.

    Handling Time
    Once the order was placed please allow us 1-2 business days for packing and shipping, checking the order information is a very important step to build a better shopping experience.
    Special Case: For the transaction paid by using a PayPal eCheck, the payment will be completed within 3-6 business days. The handing and shipping should be started up as soon as the payment to be successful.

    Shipping Time
    The order will be shipped on the same day or next business day, especially for the order on Friday or weekend, it would be shipped on the next business day.
    Lasfit website orders were being supported by USPS and UPS. Usually, the package will be shipped on standard USPS/ UPS shipping days, US Domestic 1-7 business days.
    Please Note: For the orders have paid for the priority mail, it's normally that it could not be delivered on the expected day sometimes as it says, USPS website will delay the order for the unavoidable reason, if it's still no updates on the tracking, please contact us to get quick support.

    International Shipping/ Postage
    We could not offer International shipping service at this moment.

    Warranty Policy

    If you get any warranty-related trouble with Lasfit brand, you could contact Lasfit directly for professional and quick support, we'll help you solve the issue for 100% sure! We also take care of all quality-related issues with a replacement or full refund including any return shipping costs.
    The products purchased from one of our retailers, we do not provide support related to after-sales. Please contact the retailer directly for specific guidance on their warranty process. 
    Unauthorized reselling of Lasfit products is strictly prohibited and we can't honor the warranty if purchasing from the unauthorized reseller.

    Product Warranty Policy
    Lasfit LS series LED products would contain 2 years hassle free warranty. But for the others, they are 1 year hassle free warranty only. Please make sure of all your order-related items are under the warranty. The warranty begins from the date of your original purchase. It won’t be renewed after a replacement has been provided.

    Claim The Warranty
    Before submitting a warranty claim, please refer to the specific FAQs for your product and attempt all troubleshooting suggestions.
    If you believe the item is defective and still under warranty, please submit a return or exchange request on the product’s support page, or contact us by email message with as much detail as possible to get faster and better support.
    Please notes:
    1) Any request for the warranty, please provide the order number and purchase pattern. If the product was a gift, you may ask the giver for a copy of the receipt or claim the warranty on your behalf.
    2) Any provided shipping labels must be used within 10 days of purchase.
    3) Our warranty will NOT cover installation service, labor cost, diagnostics tracking service or any other expense unrelated to the products itself.

    Return/Refund Policy

    When you purchase LED products from Lasfit official site, you agree to our policy about returns, exchanges, and refunds as outlined below: Lasfit LED products have 45 days return/money back guarantee. We do not provide return label for the products not related to warranty including order the wrong bulb by accident by personally.

    Process Return and Refund
    Step 1: Return Authorization: please contact us for the return address and provide your order number and purchase pattern before returning the order. We will email you an address that you can send back to us with the items you don't want or need.

    Step 2: Tracking Number: email back to Lasfit by telling our tracking number so that we can track the order and process the refund faster but if not, the process will be delayed or even you could not get your refund because of the uncheckable information from the returned parcel.

    Step 3: Refund or Exchange: the full money/difference will be refunded to your account within 1-7 business day as soon as we receive the return parcel. / The exchange will be shipped as soon as we check your return parcel and tell the new tracking number.
    Your the return policy is acceptable for the online order only, if you need to return the Lasfit LED bulb ordering from a brick and mortar location, please contact us by calling (909) 758-7900 for processing the return policy.
  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 16 reviews
    Great headlights!! Fog lights, ok..

    The h-11 LED headlights work great, nice and bright. I had to adjust the beam, because I kept getting flash high beams. The fog lights, are bright, but the light really doesn't have a distinct cut off. I have tried to adjust them, but the light still seems to be scattered. Maybe it's just my lens for the fog light. Time will tell, once the fog starts, what it actually looks like in the fog. Still great lights! I would recommend.

    Hello Mike,

    Thank you for taking time in this comment and share your honest feedback!
    I'm so glad that you will enjoy the headlight bulb.
    For the 5202 LED fog light bulb, they should be adjusted to the right position after a plug and play installation. But they do not work well on some vehicles ,such as 2018 GMC Canyon, it's due to the OEM design of the lens for the fog light.
    To help you better and faster, we have reached out to you by our customer support email with the right resolution.
    Looking forward to hearing back from you.

    Lasfit Customer Support Team

    Awesome, very biright


    Purchased these to replace my headlight bulbs for my Ram. I have had many HIDs and LEDs and these are by far the best. The light reflects off signs like an HID it throws down the road like HID but has cut offs like LEDs do. I had no flicker or problems with the bulb only down side is these are the noisiest LED I ever had but I can’t hear that over the sound of the engine.

    LED Headlights

    It work great like the color

    Out of the millions of kits.....

    I recently discovered LASFIT from a friend of mine in a truck club with me. I had tried everything claming to be the brightest and best on the market. Always being let down after either burning out after a few months or just not being up to what I wanted. Also when it came to customer service the other companies were no where to be found! When I recieved these the packaging was simple yet clean and professional. The installation of the true plug and play only took me a few minutes. When I turned them on that evening I was definitely pleased at the product I recieved! The light output was clean, crisp, and BRIGHT! If I could buy these again I would ! I have already started recommending these around town ! If your looking for the last brand and set you'll buy. THIS IS IT !