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Trail Ambassador Build Application

Welcome to Lasfit Trail Ambassador Build!

In Summer 2022, we are announcing our first brand campaign "Lasfit Summer Off Road" and diving into adventures! One major program of this summer is Trail Ambassador Build. It is a trail build sponsorship program during this summer. In this program, any trail enthusiast will have a chance to get sponsored from us, equipped with Lasfit premium products, showcase their builds with confidence and enjoy the trail experience through all hot summer!!

Participation Requirements*:
● The participant needs to have used at least one of Lasfit products such as headlight, fog light, reverse light, floor mat, pod lights, light bar, etc.
● The participant needs to have at least 1 upcoming trail plan.
● BONUS: The participant is active in one of the following social media platforms: Instagram, Youtube, Facebook groups, Tiktok, Car forums.

If you'd be interested in this exciting program and want to know more info about our exclusive support, please contact us by email in accordance with the format below:

1. Contact email: info@lasfit.com
2. Title: Lasfit Trail Ambassador Build - First name and last name

3. The email content includes:

  • Year/Make/Model of your vehicle 
  • What Lasfit product(s) you already had?
  • What social media platform(s) are you most active in? (*Please respond with your handle/account name)
  • Why do you want to be a select Trail Ambassador Build?

We will reply to you in 1-3 business days after we receive your email and verify your account.


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