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Life is an adventure. You wanna go out into nature, escape everyday life and explore things that not everyone is able to see. Whether you're on dry or wet, flat or bumpy, softroading or hardest rock crawling, Lasfit has got you all covered.

Softroad Overlanding Trail ✅

"The coolest moment was tackling some difficult rock ledges with a couple of people that had never been off roading with their Cherokee's before and seeing the confidence they gained in their rig and their abilities."

An Absolute Blast Trail ✅

"Lighting is so important off road. Factory headlights do not provide enough coverage and the additions of light bars and other LED lighting accessories are a MUST HAVE for off roading."

Revenge Trail in Moab Utah! ✅

"This trail is one of the most popular in Moab, it's rated a 6/10 for difficulty. It has several obstacles that are optional. It's also fairly long if you do the entire trail. The end has several steep climbs and descents."

Driving down dark, twisting back roads with a powerful lighting setup that illuminates everything in your path!

Life is an adventure and best enjoyed on the dirt! From now on to August 31st, we offer a special 15% off for all off road parts and vehicle's specific build below. Don't miss the deal, use code OFFROAD22 to grab your favorite!

Offroading is not only an expression of the personality, but it's a lifestyle choice and it truly embodies freedom.

✍Fog vs. Spot vs. Flood vs. Driving Light: Which beam pattern is best for you? (With Real Case Sharing)

In this article, we'll introduce you to the differences between the 4 beam patterns, and then we'll give you more guidance and advice through real-case sharing from an experienced off-road expert(a professional trail guide and instructor).

✍Enjoy A Cool Jeep Life: The Best Off-Road Lighting Solutions For 2021 Jeep Wrangler Sahara 4xe

"Why did I want to add pod lights? At first, it was purely for looks…cause they make you look cool right? Haha. I use them on trails during the day so the jeep in front of me can see me in the dirt and dust as well as oncoming off-road vehicles."

✍Why Have I Been Overspending On Quality Light Until Now? | Build An Off-Road Light Bar For 2021 Ford Bronco

"I'm a radiology professional living in Chicago, IL. I started overlanding shortly after buying my old 5th gen 4Runner back in 2018 but have since upgraded to a new Bronco Badlands with Sasquatch. Living in the city makes me appreciate the outdoors much more."

✍How To Install A Lasfit 22" Light Bar For 2020 + Toyota 4Runners Upper Grille Location?

"Due to the new TSS sensor in the lower grille potentially blocking off light from a longer light bar in the 2020+ 4Runners, the upper grille was a good choice to install a quality light bar. The Lasfit 22" Light Bar fits the bill perfectly!"

We're opening sponsorship to all Lasfit trail enthusiasts! If you would like to get sponsored for your trail, please feel free to leave your message here and apply for our ongoing Trail of the Month!