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I’m looking at your LED bulbs and see there are 7 different bulbs, but I can't find the differences.

LS Plus Series: 100W/ set, 11,000LM/ set, 6000K cool white light, 2-year hassle free warranty, brightest bulbs, newest custom 55MIL flip chip per each side, external driver.
LS series: 90W/ set, 10,000LM/ set, 6000K cool white light, 2-year hassle free warranty, bright bulbs, lumileds zes chips, external driver.
LA Plus Series: 72W/ set, 7600LM/ set, 6000K cool white light, 1-year hassle free warranty, smallest size and 360°adjustable socket for an easy plug and play installation, built-in internal driver, new flip chips.
LA series: 72W/set, 7600LM/set, 6000K cool white light, 1-year hassle free warranty, stunning illumination, flip chips, built-in internal driver.
LD series: 72W/ set, 7200LM (yellow)/ 8400LM (white), 3000K (yellow)/ 6000K (white), 1-year hassle free warranty, switchback, Dual-color, external driver.
LC6 series: 60W/ set, 7600LM/ set, 6000K cool white light, 1-year hassle free warranty, economical, COB chips, built-in internal driver.
L1 series: 40W/ set, 6000LM/ set, 6000K cool white light, 1-year hassle free warranty, fanless, noiseless, built-in internal driver, cree XP-G2 chips.

Which LED bulb will fit my vehicle?

Please contact us with your vehicle year, make and model. Let us know which LED bulb you’re interested in, so we can check the fitment. We’ll get back to you with an answer as soon as possible. To guarantee the most accurate answer, here are some additional details you should include about your vehicle:
1) Does your vehicle have a projector/ eyesight package?
2) What’s your factory bulb type? HID or halogen?
3) Do you have an aftermarket headlight housing?
The more information you provide, the faster we’ll send the correct LED bulb to you.

I’m not sure which will work best for my car. Which LED bulb kit do you recommend?

If having the brightest LED light, and the highest power output are your number one priority, then the LS plus series would be a great choice for you.
If you just need some LED bulbs to replace the halogen bulbs on your vehicle, that feature a brighter light and simple plug and play installation, we recommend the LA plus series.
If your number one need is having a full beam pattern, we would recommend the LC6 series.
If you’re looking for some LED bulbs with a switchback function, then choose the LD series. These LED bulbs are able to switch between white light and amber light. 
If you’re looking for a noiseless option, then the L1 series would be a good match for you. These are also our least expensive option.  

Are the LED bulbs plug and play?

For most vehicles, our LED bulbs offer a plug and play installation.
For H1, H3 and HID bulbs some modifications may be needed, but it’ll be easy to make it work. If your HID bulbs can’t support a plug and play installation, we’ll provide one set of universal power cables.
The process is easy. Find the 2 wires from your vehicle’s factory power plug. Find both positive and negative wires, then connect them safely. "+" to "+", "-" to "-". Ask your local auto repair mechanic for assist if necessary. 

Can you tell me when my order will be shipped?

All orders will be shipped within 1 business day except for special circumstances, such as a backorder. If your order has not been shipped within 1 business day, please get back to us with your order number and purchase date. We will check and ship them as soon as possible.

I have not received my order. Is something wrong?

Sometimes USPS will be delayed. Please wait an additional 1-2 days to get your order updates. If the USPS website still has no updates regarding where your package is, and it’s stating your order is on its way to the next facility, please contact us for quick support. 

I purchased the wrong LED bulbs for my car, so I would like to return my order. How do I do that?

If you ordered the wrong bulb set for your vehicle by mistake, then you need to return the incorrect item. You will be responsible for paying the shipping costs. Please contact us for the return address. We will resend the correct LED bulb set, or refund you, once we receive your returned item. 

They were not compatible with my car. What can I do?

A special bulb holder may be required. Try to use the holder from the stock bulb. If not, let us know. The bulb size could be wrong, double check the item you received with the item you ordered. Do you have an aftermarket headlight housing? These may not be perfectly compatible with aftermarket bulbs, and will require some manual modifications. If you’re not sure, call us and we will help you figure out the issue. 

I want to cancel my order.

Your order can be canceled before shipping. But, if it has been shipped already please send it back to us to get a refund. 

How do I return my order?

Please contact us and ask for our return address, or a return label to proceed with your return.

What is the refund policy? What is the warranty coverage?

Our LED bulb products have a 45 day money back guarantee, and 1 year hassle-free warranty. Our LS Series LED bulb has a 2 year hassle-free warranty. 

Which set of H7 LED headlights should I purchase for my vehicle?

We have standard H7 LED bulbs and custom H7 LED bulbs with a built-in adapter. Take photos of your factory halogen bulbs, and power cable, to send to us so we can recommend the correct H7 LED bulbs. Many factory H7 bulb headlights come with a retainer clip, which locks the halogen bulbs into the housing socket. It’s important to know if your headlights use this design. 

Do I need a special clip to use Lasfit LED bulbs on my vehicle?

 For some models of BMW/ Mercedes Benz/ Volkswagen/ Kia/ Hyundai, an adapter clip is needed for the LED bulbs to mount onto the headlamp assembly. Take photos of your factory halogen bulb and power cable, send it to us, and we will let you know what you need.

Should I run a decoder on my LED bulbs to avoid any error codes?

For some models of Dodge, Ram, Jeep, and Chrysler, they will need an Error Free Anti-Flicker Resistor Canceler. If your LED bulbs are flickering or sending an error message, it can be solved with a decoder. Please contact us with your order number and purchase date for immediate support. 

Space under the hood seems a bit tight. They hit part of the body and I can’t get them installed. Will these fit?

Please check the bulb size of your parts to verify they’re correct. If they’re the correct bulb, please pull the headlights out a little bit to get them to fit. For different vehicles/ models, the headlight housing space under the hood is going to be different.

I’m wondering if any of the Lasfit LED bulbs can run as a DRL?

Yes, we have some made for DRL applications. Please contact us with your vehicle year, make, and model and we will send you some appropriate recommendations.