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Lasfit is looking for product tester | Truck Owners Only

Hi guys, Lasfit is looking for some truck owners for testing Lasfit LED lights and collecting video reviews. So, we're launching a special activity for Lasfit regular customers who received our email. Now, you have a chance to earn a free package LED lights for your truck by shooting videos. To be Lasfit tester, you'll get a chance to test more new products, such as LED pods, LED rock lights, LED strip light, etc.
--------------- Lasfit YouTube Team


Activity Rules:

1. This activity is only for below truck owners:
Chevy Silverado 1500 2019-2021|
GMC Sierra 1500 2020-2021
Ram 1500 2021
Ford F-150 2020-2021
Ford Ranger 2019-2021

2. How to earn a whole package LED lights for your truck?
   1> Firstly, we provide 30% off to purchase a pair of low beam for your truck.
   2> You shoot a video of LED low beams installation and review on your truck, and send the video to us.
   3> If your videos reach the standard and will be posted Lasfit YouTube channel, you'll get the rest of LED lights for your truck.
   4> When you receive the rest of LED lights, please shoot another video for those LED lights and send it to us.

For example:
If your truck is 2021 Ford F-150, you purchase the low beam bulbs with 15% off for the first time. You shoot a video review of low beam bulbs installation and performance. If the video reaches the requirements/standard, you'll get the rest of LED lights for free. It includes high beam, fog light, front side marker lights, license plate lights, cargo lights and 3rd brake lights.
When you receive the rest of LED lights, please shoot a video for those LED lights. We appreciate if you could share your feelings about Lasfit products in the video, or give us your ideas/suggestions about Lasfit products.
LED Bulbs for 2021 Ford F-150:

  1> The whole package LED lights includes headlight low beam, high beam, fog light, backup lights, cargo light, 3rd brake lights. But for different trucks, the compatible LED bulbs are different in bulb size and quantity.
  2> If your video does not reach the requirements/standard, but you still want the rest of LED bulbs, we'll offer you extrw 10% off to purchase them.

3. Video requirements/standard
   1> The OEM halogen lights performance at night.
   2> How do you replace the OEM halogen lights with LED bulbs step by step?
     * How do you reach the stock lights?
     * How do you take out the stock halogen bulb and replace it with LED bulb?
   3> Before and after shots
   4> How do the LED lights perform on your truck at night?
   5> Please make sure all shots are full screen, not portrait screen. If you're going to use the mobile phone to shoot a video, please hold your mobile phone horizontally. 
4. How to send the video to us?
   1> You can upload to YouTube and set it as unlisted, then send the link to us.
   2> You can upload the video file to Google drive and send the link to us.
All videos you guys send to Lasfit, which is default that Lasfit has the right to use them. Thank you for your support to Lasfit!