specially designed for 2016 2017 2018 Chevy Silverado 1500 WT, LS, Custom, and LT model with the HID headlights. It features easy plug and play installation so upgrading your Silverado takes minutes.


Truly 50W, 5000LM per bulb
The Lasfit Pro-CS-D5S LED headlight bulb is 50 watts, which is a higher power than the factory 25W HID bulbs. Even if the aftermarket 35W HID bulbs, Lasfit can't be beaten either. Converting to LED headlight bulbs will improve the performance of your headlights, while visually enhancing the appearance of your truck when they’re in use.


The Optimal Lighting Beam Pattern
The lighting pattern is the almost same as the OEM HID bulb, the output is significantly better than the factory HID bulb. The reason being, the Lasfit Pro-CS-D5S bulbs are custom designed for the Silverado 1500 headlight housing. Our R&D department tested the samples on Silverado 1500 truck’s OEM projector headlight assembly for many times.


The Lasfit D5S LED headlight bulb conversion kit requires no cutting or splicing. It’s a direct plug n play kit. Another excellent feature is the in-built turbofan on the dust cover.When the LED bulb is working, the turbofan rotates to dissipates heat outside.


Easy Installation
The Lasfit Pro-CS-D5S LED headlight bulbs offer a simple plug and play installation. You don’t have to worry about doing extra cutting and splicing to get your bulbs correctly switched to LED.
We made the decision for you to change very easily. Improve your headlight performance without having to overcome extra obstacles.


The working principle of turbofan cooling system was built-in dust cover improves the ventilation and heat dissipation efficiency, balance the inside and outside temperature of headlight. It immensely decrease the foggy/moisture in headlight and aging of headlight cover.


Multiple Cooling System.
If an LED headlight bulb was going to offer a brighter light beam, then it needed an improved cooling system to meet the new heat demands.
1> One of the cooling systems is the dual-ball-bearing fan at the bottom of the LED bulb. We maximized the dual-ball-bearing fan according to the OEM headlight housing space. 9000RPM 40MM dual-ball-bearing with 7pcs fan blades offers the maximum heat dissipation surface. The larger the surface area the cooler the LED bulb will remain.
2> The unique design is the turbofan on the dust cover, another cooling system. Lasfit designed a turbofan cooling system and a vent on the dust cover. The turbofan can dissipate heat to outside from the headlight housing through the vents. This dual-cooling system keeps the brightness steady, you don't worry about the LED bulbs would overheat.

LASFIT > OEM ★★★★★
As you can see in my photo, the Lasfit LED bulb is on the right, while the GM OEM HID bulb is still in the left... Lasfit's LED bulbs are brighter and provide a more clean looking light! The have a larger range at night and provide a nice and clean, white light. The bulbs were super easy to install, and I definitely would recommend the upgrade!

16-18 Silverado D5S leds ★★★★★
Got these led bulbs to replace the HIDS that came factory in my 18 Silverado and couldn’t be happier! They are WAY brighter then the factory HIDs and a must have for for any 16-18 Silverado that came with the HID!

2016 Silverado - D5S LED Headlight Upgrade ★★★★★
I installed these on my 2016 Silverado that was equipped with factory D5S HID's. The factory 25w HID bulbs were very dim and very yellow, I tried an aftermarket set of 6000K 35w HID bulbs and they were better, but still not good enough, and they were tinted too blue for my taste. Then I tried these 50w D5S LED's from Lasfit and was blown away! These are super bright, and pure white, no blue tint at all. The dust cover with built in cooling fan is a clever way to disperse the head from the LED driver. I can see so much better now at night with these LED's. Thanks Lasfit!


When the LED bulb is working, the turbofan rotates to dissipates heat outside. When the LED bulb stops working, the vent will close automatically and prevents water/dust goes into the housing. Currently, the only one of its kind on the market.


Compatible Vehicles: Chevrolet Silverado 1500 2016-2018
Model No.: Pro-CS-D5S
Wattage: 100W per set (50W per bulb)
Lumens: 10000LM per set(5000LM per bulb)
Color Temperature: 6000K
The Diameter of Cooling Fan: 40MM Dual Ball-bearing fan
RPM: 9000


Lasfit provides 45 days money back guarantee for all products including pro series custom D5S led bulbs without a restocking fee. We provide USPS tracking for small package and UPS tracking for a large package. The order will be shipped within 2 business days and delivered to our customer within few days. Contact us through our customer service email or call us at normal hours.