Top 6 Ford F150 Headlight Options

by Lasift Official July 02, 2019

Top 6 Ford F150 Headlight Options

Eventually, you will choose to replace your F150 headlights because you no longer like what you see. The OEM halogen bulbs are ineffective to begin with, and overtime they only get dimmer. When you finally come to the conclusion that it’s time to upgrade your Ford F150 in the headlight bulb department, you will want to know what Ford F150 headlight bulb options are available on the market. There are quite a few options for you to choose from, so it can get confusing very fast. This article was written to add a little clarity to your F150 headlight bulb search.

We will list a few of the major options, and what you can expect out of them.

1) There’s the OEM halogen bulb

SYLVANIA - H13Price: $30-$45

Warranty: 1 Year

This bulb comes installed in your Ford F150 2004-2014. If your halogen bulb goes bad and you want to spend the lowest amount of money possible, then buying another halogen bulb is for you. The halogen bulb has the least performance of all the different types out there, but that might not be an important factor for you. The good thing is that you can find one of these bulbs at your local auto parts store or Amazon/Walmart online shop. The phrase, you get what you pay for comes to mind.

2) Aftermarket HID projector headlights

09-14-ford-f150-hid-projector-headlights-blackPrice: $250-$400
Warranty: Standard 30 Days
This is one of the most costly options on the list, and it can get even more expensive if you want to ensure you’re buying a high quality product that will last you a long time. This is also a costly option because HIDs are high maintenance by nature. They require frequent HID ballast replacements. None of these parts are cheap.
In general, a HID kit like this would come with more parts, compared to a bulb replacement, so that equals more failure points. It’s also important to note that this option would require you to replace your entire OEM headlight assembly. If you’re not comfortable with a project of this size, then you’ll need to take your F150 to an auto shop. That’s another expense.
The aftermarket HID projector headlight assembly is a great option for those who want to try a different headlight bulb color, have a higher power output, and install bright headlights. HIDs are known for having many available colors. You will get that blacked-out headlight look as well.

3) Aftermarket LED projector headlights


09-14-ford-f-150-smd-led-angel-eye-halo-projector-headlightsPrice: $300-$500
Warranty: Standard 30 Days
This is very similar to the number two option we mentioned above. The difference is that this projector headlight assembly is powered by an LED bulb. This is a costly option compared to the rest on the list, and will require you to completely install a new headlight assembly (that means more expenses). The difference with going with an aftermarket LED projector headlight assembly is that LED bulbs are more reliable than HID bulbs. They have less parts, so they have fewer failure points.
Another difference is that if you go with the LED projector headlight kit you won’t have any color options available aside from the standard 6000K white light. There is also the 3000K amber light that some kits will come equipped with. You can find kits that come with the LED halo rings, so that’s a popular reason for people to choose the aftermarket LED projector headlight assembly.

4) Universal LED headlight bulb


Lasfit_LAplus_H13_high_low_beam_replacement_bulb_72W_7600LMPrice: $50-$150

Warranty: 1 Year

This is the cheapest option aside from buying an OEM halogen bulb replacement. The main problem is you really need to do your research before clicking the ‘checkout’ button. There are so many different LED headlight bulb variations that it would turn this article into the Library Of Congress if we went into all the details. We can save that information for a separate article.
You need to do your research to ensure you purchase an LED headlight bulb that will do what you expect it to do. There are far too many brands out there that never test their LED bulbs, yet claim they’re the brightest and best on the market. This is a great cost effective option if you choose the right bulb. If you get the right bulb, you’ll be happy with the light output, cost and beam pattern. 

5) Retrofit HID projector lens 


F150.RETRO hidPrice: $800+

This an option for those who want to go HID, but don’t want to replace their entire headlight assembly. This would require you to retrofit an HID projector lens inside your headlight assembly. If you aren’t comfortable with such a project, then taking your car to a shop is an additional cost you need to consider.
In general, this is not the best choice available because HID bulbs don’t work well in reflector headlight housings. They cause too much glare for other drivers sharing the road with you. For that reason, many are hesitant of going this route.

6) Lasfit Pro-FO-H13A LED headlight bulb

lasfit PRO-FO-H13APrice: $235
Warranty: 2 Years
Of course, we had to plug in our very own LED bulb. But for good reason, because we are truly proud of it. It’s the world’s first custom designed LED bulb for the 09-14 Ford F150. You won’t find anything like this out on the market. It provides great light output and a superb beam pattern.
This option is for F150 owners who enjoy installing the best products out on the market. Compared to some of the other options, the price is great while eliminating all of the headaches the other choices come with. The Lasfit Pro-FO-H13A LED headlight bulb was custom designed for your F150, so that means it features a simple plug and play installation.

It’s good. You’ll agree.