The Best LED Headlight Bulb For The VW Golf (2010-2016)

by Lasift Official July 22, 2019

Best LED Headlight Bulb For The VW Golf (2010-2016)

The Volkswagen Golf is one of those unassuming cars. Visually, it doesn’t scream at you or demand your attention. It doesn’t have the utility of a truck or the stunning curves of a Porsche. For the most part it goes unnoticed. But, that’s not the end of the story for the little Volkswagen, because VW Golf enthusiasts know there’s more than meets the eye.

There’s something about the car that makes it fun to drive. That special characteristic has made it a favorite for many. You can find enthusiasts who modify every part of their VW Golf, while there are others who leave them stock, but drive them until the wheels fall off. Either choice is a way of showing your appreciation for what the VW Golf provides.

The VW Golf car is an economical car, so it’s far from perfect. Volkswagen spent their budget making sure the Golf handled well, was fun to drive, and reliable. It seems designing good headlights was not an essential part of the budget. This is the case for most cars, and we get it. But, that’s what Lasfit is here for.
If your VW Golf headlights aren’t already dim, then they will certainly get dimmer with time. That’s how halogen bulbs work. We know you love to drive your VW Golf during the day and nighttime, so it’s important you can see clearly and confidently during your nighttime drives. The last thing you want is to be driving down a dark road at nighttime and realize you can only see a few feet in front of you. That’s not a good feeling.

There are many options out on the market to replace your dim OEM halogen bulbs with. One of the most cost effective choices is an LED headlight bulb. The only problem is that no company has created an LED headlight bulb that fits your VW golf like a glove.

The other LED headlight bulbs on the market require you to purchase a special retainer adapter, or reuse the retainer adapter from your halogen bulb. Some options on the market make it more difficult by requiring you to modify your halogen bulb retainer adapter. This is not something many people want to deal with. We know we wouldn’t want to deal with that, which brings us to what we’ve designed.
We knew this was an issue from talking to many VW Golf owners. We decide to resolve the issue once and for all. We ended up creating a custom designed Lasfit LAG2 LED headlight bulb for the 2010-2016 VW Golf. This is a plug and play solution. No need to order extra parts or modify anything. All you need to do is remove the old halogen bulb and plug in the new Lasfit LAG2 LED headlight bulb. We made it simple, the way it should have always been.

lasfit LAG2 style

Our Lasfit LAG2 LED headlight bulb is the best LED headlight bulb for the VW Golf (2010-2016).

Here’s what you get:
● Includes 2 Custom H7 LED Bulbs
● Upgraded Flip Chips
● Color Temperature: 6,000K
● Lumen per bulb: 3,800LM
● Wattage per bulb: 36W
● Voltage: DC9-16V
● Internal Driver (No Bulky External Driver)
● Over 30,000 Hours Lifespan
● CE, RoHS, IP67 Waterproof Certifications
● 1 Year Hassle-Free Warranty
● 45 Days Money Back Guarantee

When you’re ready to upgrade your headlight bulbs, save yourself the headaches and install the best performing and simplest bulbs on the market. They’re the perfect fit for your Volkswagen Golf.

Check out the Lasfit LAG2 LED bulbs for yourself right here: