What's the Best LED Bulb for Your Ford F150?

by Lasift Official May 07, 2019

What's the Best LED Bulb for Your Ford F150?

A perfect custom LED bulbs with superior F-150 to match

Functionality and performance are just two words used to describe the Ford F150. The F150 is a truck that was built to be used, and others would say abused. Whether you use it to make a living every day, for weekend project activities, or off-roading adventures, it was purchased for performance purposes. There’s little point in denying that.
Knowing you need your truck to excel in multiple areas, it makes sense to perform a few upgrades. There’s always room for improvement, and that goes for almost all makes and models. The original manufactures have regulations and budgets to follow. If they could, they would build everything top-of-the-line.

Engine, wheels, tires, and suspension modifications are the usual starting point because they work and make a huge difference. Another upgrade that’s growing in popularity is improving the light beam of your car lightings.
This is especially important if you spend a considerable amount of time driving during the nighttime. When you drive during the nighttime you’re putting all your faith into your bulbs. Yours trusting them to light up the road sufficiently, so you can reach your destination in one piece and with zero accidents. Improving the performance of your bulbs would make you feel more confident while driving at night, right?

light beam pattern

With some recent advancements in LED bulb technology, the performance improvements of switching to LED have grown even bigger. The difference is now significant.
Up until this point, if you decided to upgrade to LED bulbs you would purchase universal fit LED bulbs. They’re sold everywhere and they’re bigger in size (some may be similar, with or without a fan) to the halogen bulb currently installed in your F150. While a few brands have figured out how to make them work decently, they do have a few limitations.

  • The universal fit LED bulb currently out on the market doesn’t have a cooling system that can adequately sustain a powerful LED light beam. The light beam is weakened to prevent it from going bad too fast. The LED light beam is essentially limited due to the small inadequate cooling system.
  • Another major problem with universal fit LED bulbs is they weren’t built to perfectly match the light housing units of the 09-14 Ford F-150 trucks. Every brand claims their LED bulb has the best beam pattern, and brightest light beam, but often times that’s far from the truth. In reality, most of those brands sell terrible products we would never recommend. Additionally, the manufacturer of these types of bulbs sacrificed size and performance for the opportunity to fit a wider range of vehicles. That’s exactly why it’s a hit or miss on whether one of these types of bulbs will work great on your vehicle.

Almost certainly, most of the LED bulbs you’re searching through online weren’t custom created for your F150 truck’s light housing. This detail is important! If your LED bulb doesn’t have the perfect fit, has an ineffective light beam pattern, then you know you’re buying a universal fit LED bulb. (All the LED bulbs for F150 is the universal version on the market right now, only our Pro series)
Custom designed LED bulb unique to your F150 would offer everything you’re looking for and much more. The point of this article is to tell you we have created something much better, and we know you’re going to like it.

A newly designed F150 LED bulb only Elon Musk could have created

pro-fo-h13a with different angles

We’ve created an all-new LED bulb. It’s unlike anything you’ve seen in the past and so is its performance. It’s called the LASFIT Pro-Fo-H13A LED bulb. The ‘Fo’ is short for Ford.
The most noteworthy aspect of the LASFIT Pro-Fo-H13A LED bulb is it was custom designed for the 2009-2014 Ford F150. That means it will fit perfectly, deliver a bright powerful light beam, and offer the optimal cut off point. It’s exactly what you want in a LED bulb.
It’s the first LED bulb that’s been custom designed for the 09-14 Ford F150 in order to offer maximum performance. There’s truly nothing like it out on the market. The light beam output is significantly better than the OEM halogen bulb. The reason being, we custom designed it for the F150 light housing. It’s perfectly matched to the light housing reflector pattern. We were able to mimic the exact positioning of the halogen bulb filament with the LED chips. It utilizes the highest performing LED chip on the market and that’s 12pcs Lumileds LUXEON Z ES chips.
Since this LED bulb was custom created for the F150, you can expect a truly easy plug and play installation. The entire installation process requires a few easy steps, and the only tools needed are a 10mm socket and ratchet, and Phillips Screwdriver.

pro-fo-h13a easy installation

If an LED bulb was going to offer a brighter light beam, then it needed an improved cooling system to meet the new heat demands. If not, it would end up being worse than the current LED options out on the market. Without cooling system improvements, the LED bulb was going to have a very very short lifespan. The LASFIT Pro-Fo-H13A was built correctly.
It features an all-new redesigned cooling system to handle the higher power output. It offers a larger aluminum surface area for maximum heat dissipation. You certainly haven’t seen a surface area this large before. If you look closely, you will notice seemingly endless grooves and ridges. All those serve to improve the heat dissipation. In the case of LED bulbs, the larger the aluminum surface area the cooler the LED bulb will remain.
We took the cooling system a step further and made sure to include a large powerful dual ball bearing fan. A fan like this is unheard of in the LED bulb world.

These details add up to a LED bulb that’s powerful, durable, reliable and even waterproof. Take your F150 off-roading and never worry about your bulbs losing power. They are even equipped with new technology that helps prevent the LED bulbs from overheating called, internal DITCS (Dual-Intelligent Temperature Control System). It serves to monitor power output stability, which keeps the brightness steady.

If you take pride in your F150, then it’s only right to install a superior LED bulb. It’s a modification well worth the money.

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November 27, 2021

I love these lights they make such a huge difference couldn’t ask for anything better

Chris Williams

June 24, 2021

bought an after market headlight housing for my 2003f150 supercrew and some Sealight led bulbs. While very bright, the beam pattern is so terrible, I won’t drive at night unless it’s an emergency. HELP PLEASE! DAYWALKER

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