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Is There A Preferred Aftermarket Headlight Bulb VS The OEM Headlight Bulb?

by Lasift Official August 21, 2019

Is There A Preferred Aftermarket Headlight Bulb VS The OEM Headlight Bulb?

This is a common question, because everyone is looking for the perfect direct answer. No one likes to hear the words, it depends. But, in life there are very few questions where the answer is simple. More often than not, the answer will begin with the words:it depends. 😃😃😃

With that being said, I’ll begin by saying:it depends on your goals

What are your goals for your headlight beams? 

Is reliability and durability your number one concern? In that case, you should stick to the OEM headlight bulb. It has many years of development, and has proven to last for many years. It also costs you the least amount of money. 

If you decide it’s time to go with an aftermarket headlight bulb option, but don’t know where to start, then you should ask yourself what you’re searching for. Meaning: What are your specific goals?

If you want aplug and play aftermarket option that’s brighter than your OEM headlights, then an LED bulb will satisfy your needs. 👍👍👍

Here’s why you should choose LED headlight bulbs:

  • Instant on performance
  • Brighter than OEM
  • Simple Plug and Play installation (If you buy from a high quality company)
  • Compact design (If you buy from a high quality company)
  • Custom designed for your reflector headlight housing units (If you buy from a high quality company)
  • Bright white light (6000K), or amber light (3000K)
  • Little to no glare

LEDs brighter than OEM

Now, here’s why you should buy HID headlight bulbs:

  • Very bright headlight bulbs
  • Installation of external ballast for each headlight bulb required
  • Replacing your entire headlight housing for a housing designed for HID bulbs is required if you want to avoid glare.This is the best way to get the brightest headlights possible
  • Headlight bulbs take time to warm-up and to reach maximum light output
  • Can choose from many colors beyond white and yellow (blue, purple, etc.)

HIDs need ballast with different color

That’s the answer. Compare the two lists and decide which one is more appealing to you. The main decision to make is whether comfort and ease are important to you. If they are, then you should buy a pair of high quality LED headlight bulbs. 

If your main concern is maximum performance, then your best option is replacing your headlights with new headlight housing units designed to use HID bulbs. 

Hopefully you feel more confident with your headlight bulb buying decision.