If your truck is Chevy Silverado, some tips you’d better to know…

Mr. Erik Gutierrez owns a truck Chevy Silverado 1500 4.3l. Single cab, he bought 2 pairs of led headlight bulbs from our eBay store last week, led bulbs 9005 and 9006

9005 is high beam, and 9006 is low beam.

When he received these leds, and tried to install them on his truck, he found led bulbs are too big to install on his truck, even though he love our led bulbs color, but he said he has to return them back to us.

Actually, according to our experience and customers’ feedback, for 2001-2007 Chevy Silverado, you have to cut plastic frame on the back of headlight housing, and dig a hole on it.

Because this led bulb with a cooling fan, it is longer than halogen bulb, you can’t put the plastic frame back on when you put led bulb into headlight housing and fix on the socket.

But you can dig a hole on the plastic frame to make the led bulb through the hole, by this, you can put the factory plastic frame back on.


We told this solution to Mr. Erik Gutierrez, and he did as we said.

He was very satisfied with it, and purchased a pair led fog light bulbs from our ebay store


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