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September 21, 2017

Recently customer Judy A.R. Gebhardt purchased a set of LS Series 9007 kits from us. However, he met such an issue.

His review “These are good quality. However, they are not dual beam. They simply blink off then on quickly. But the beam pattern remains the same.”

He does like our kits but said the high beam and low are the same.

To see why that might be a concern, just take a look at the LED unit itself and you could find that the LASFIT 9007 kit could be flipped 180°.

According to our experience, the bulb should be installed side to by side with proposed chips above, postpose chips below, so that you could get the correct beam pattern.

If you meet such kind of situation with your 9007 kits, please check out the images below to see how to adjust.