C5 Corvette Upgrade to LED Headlight Kits with LASFIT LA Series

by Lasift Official December 22, 2017

C5 Corvette LED Headlight Installed with LASFIT LED

Here is a video for C5 Corvette LED headlight upgrade, you could check here: http://bit.ly/2Dr3Qgk

(Particular gratitude to Chris for the great video)



                                                                              9005                                                                                   9006


This page and video will show the LED replacement on a 1998 Chevy Corvette C5 Coupe. As always—before any job—take a look at your service manual. If you don’t feel completely comfortable doing this yourself, we can contact us or leave a comment to let us know and get professional support.

Attention1998-2004 Corvette would have the compatible issue(when turning off the headlight, popup light lids do not close) with the LED bulbs, it's because the halogen bulb is 55W, but LED is about 30W.
We install both high beam and low beam with our LA series, which is 36W/bulb, the issue could be solved. If you only replace the low beam with LA bulbs, there's still the compatible issue, both high beam and low beam should replace to the LA series LED bulbs.